TiCats screwed by League again!!!

League admits 2 errors that probably determined the outcome of the playoff game.


Again, too useless and too late.

Damn us whiny TiCat fans :?

Thanks longtimetcfan. I second your rant - this is unbelievable!!

Glad to see us vindicated AGAIN. Now wishing the league would fix the problem now that it is identified. This replay official is currently slated to work the Grey Cup last I checked.

That official wont make any errors cause Ticats arent in the GC!

This all falls on glen Johnson, and he should be fired. Too many errors this season by the replay booth, which is GJ's responsibility, ultimately.

Wow just wow.....to say that the penalties did not affect the game is something else and not in a good way. I hope that no further non calls affect the remaining games. We will never know IF the TiCats continue their march down the field but we do know time would have been taken off the clock and Edmonton would have had a longer field to go to get into field goal range and less time.

Not sure how many are in the replay booth but it is clear that Glen Johnson needs to be there for the remaining games.

Nope, sorry. League admitted two errors. Period.

If you're trying to claim that the 2 blown calls at that time had no affect on the outcome of the game... your credibility = < 0

That's exactly what I'm claiming. 150 plays in a game. Nothing an official does right or wrong on any one play affects the outcome of any game. Too many moving parts.

So youre saying that being 1st and 10 at the ticat 53 with 90 seconds left, a timeout, and the wind at our back in a tie game is the exact same as 2nd and 14 at the 10 with no timeouts? Hilarious. The ticats played well enough to tie which if nothing else means edmonton played equally as bad as Hamilton and the refs blew 2 critical calls. Sorry but its ignorant to think those calls had no effect on the game. Im an avid CFL lover and Ticat lover and im not sure I can stomach watching another game because of these pitiful refs.

Basically, they admitted that instead of 2nd and 14 from their own 10, the Ticats should have been 1st and 10 from the 53. Of course it wouldn't have affected the game. The Ticats still would tried a long pass down the middle in a desperate attempt to get a first down on the next play. No way they would have gone for a safe short gainer like they did the previous play. And no way they could have advanced the ball a few more yards to put the in range to kick a game-winning wind assisted field goal or even rouge.


That's bull, and you know it. True, every play matters. But when something like this happens at the end of a game, there's no time left to recover from it.

This screw-up prevented us from winning. Not saying we would have won, but the bad call took away that chance by putting us into a desperation situation instead of a position of control.

I agree that a single play or call by the officials is not the sole determining factor in a game but every play and every call affect the outcome and particularly those that have major impacts on field position and downs have major impacts on who wins and who looses.

To add on to my point, games should only be decided by the players and coaches. NEVER by a missed/blown call no matter when where or why. Their sole purpose in the game is to bring clarity to the rulebook and to make the game an even playing field for all participants. Shrugging your shoulders and saying “meh, ticats shouldve tried harder” especially when those calls all but killed any and all momentum and progress the cats had made shows no respect for the game, the players and the refs that are supposed to hold the highest standard as they are PROFESSIONALS. Another 10-15 yards with the wind at our backs, maybe its us on the bus to ottawa this week and not them.

Also note that this comes on the heels of another admitted blown call that contributed to our loss to Ottawa. Had we won that game, we would have been hosting the EDF against the winner of the Edmonton-Ottawa game last weekend.

And you wonder why we're angry?



Let's go to the Command Centre for a clarification !!!!

Now let's hear from Britney Spears while we await the call !!!!

You're angry because you're a fan and you're looking for someone to blame...and you're entitled to your opinion.

But, the truth is that your team, like my team (Wpg) have cleaned out their lockers because they're just not good enough this year, not because of the guys in stripes.

The CFL needs to put the apology in writing , then file it.


I just do not get this.
The entire stadium see's it, they show it on the jumbo tron and we see it on tv.

The powers that be see it, claim they do not see it , then say " sorry our bad" the next day.
We made a mistake. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Sorry, but sorry does not cut it. :thdn:

This takes away the chance for the Cats to defeat my hated enemy ( Esks )
Not to mention money out of players pockets.

Further, this crap reduces the CFL to minor league , semi-pro status.

I do not know what is really going on, but there is something real fishy afoot.

Anyway, that is not the only reason the Cats lost.
Moving FWD, the Cats need to something to improve the O Line.
If they care to see ZC have a career past 2017.

Makes up for when they beat Montreal in the playoffs on a missed call a few years back.

Whos looking for someone to blame? Lets state some facts.

  • The game was tied with 1:30 left and Hamilton had one timeout
  • Hamilton made a sensational play that found Toliver getting the ball to the Hamilton 38. This play was negated due to this refs so called "penalty" that "had no effect on the game". This "penalty" was officially deemed the incorrect call.
  • Odell Willis lights up our franchise quarterback on the same play, a QB with a bit of a history with injuries. Once again officially the wrong call was made not only by the refs but the command centre by letting it slide.
  • Instead of 1st and 10 at the Hamilton 53 with 1:30 and a timeout, Hamilton now sits on their own 10 yard line, 2nd and 14 with no timeout as it was taken away with the command centres incorrect call.

This is where we speculate.
But looking at a scenario where Hamilton has a 1st and 10 at their own 53, theres a decent chance they burn the clock, move 20 yards and kick a long FG with the wind at their back. Scenario 2 is they miss the long FG but get the walkoff rouge. Scenario 3 is they punt, and it goes to OT or they punt and Edmonton runs the clock out deep in their end.
Scenario 4 is edmonton marches after a PR and gets a walk off FG or even a PR TD. Scenario 5, the ticats do what they did in 2nd and 14 and turn it over, possibly leading to the same result depending on the field position. Who knows, but had the calls been called correctly, im confident Hamilton wouldve won. Even still as ive said before, wrong calls by the refs and/or command should not be ignored or treated with an "oh well" no matter the time of game, yardage or the circumstance.
Also can you blame us for being on edge with the refs after the 102nd grey cup and the first time we played ottawa this year?