Ticats Scouts at all NFL Training Camps

There will be Ticats scouts at all of the 32 NFL training camps

From Ticats twitter,

#Ticats scouts will visit the training camps of all 32 #NFL teams over the next couple of weeks. In Seattle today...(Aug.4)

#Ticats scouts in Oxnard, California to observe Dallas Cowboys training camp today. (Aug.6)

From Dave Naylor,

@TSNDaveNaylor: Something to think about during preseason ... NFL Teams will cut almost 1,200 players between now and the start of Week 1.

It's a really clever move. There are a lot of good players who will be cut. I follow the Bills too and they have 6 quality WR and will only keep 5 of them so there's an opportunity to get some quality talent.

If the 6th bills receiver that gets cut is quality then they don't need to do any scouting! it is not a given that players on nfl rosters or training camps are quality!

Scouts? How many do they have? would be a busy job for two guys. I wonder how CFL teams can afford scouts and if its a full time job or do they hire a local guy in each NFL city to report on players.
With the offensive coaches, defensive coaches, special team coaches, line coaches, QB coaches the list goes on and on its no wonder CFL teams lose money.

I would be disappointed of they DIDN`T scout all NFL camps...

I give the scouts credit if they can fine that gem in the crowd, you just never know what's out there especially in the States when it comes to Football talent because they have so many teams not only in the NFL but College and so on, it's a football factory of talent and really the Tiger-Cats only need a few good players in certain areas along with players who are injured back in the line up and this team could spark at the right time and Win lots of Football Games!!

I imagine the CFL scouts are somewhat less popular at NFL camps than they would be at, say, colleges or free agent camps.

Sort of like a guy who shows up at a wedding to check out the bride, hands her a card, and says “give me a call if things don’t work out with this fellow.”

While I agree with your first assessment ... that they're more popular @ colleges & FA camps ... I'm not so sure it's as bad as your second assessment (as funny as it was ... a good chuckle)

From what I gather, there are some very good relationships between some, not all by any means, NFL GM's & AGM's & PD's and the respective scouting staffs & GM's/AGM's/PD's with CFL Teams.

I've watched a lot of "NFL Hardknocks" over the years and I must admit how interesting it is especially when it comes down to dealing with players that are being released in training camp. I was surprised to see HC's & GM's & position coaches go out of their way to help a guy that they're releasing. Many times its; "We're not saying you can't play this game at a high level, what we're saying is it won't be with us. Can we call some people we know in other cities and other leagues and help you out?" I've heard them mention the CFL amoung other places. I've heard GM's & HC's say; "Listen, you don't have a lot of on-field experience coming from a small school and have just recently played with a higher level of competition. We know some people up in Canada where we think your talents will be well served and you can grow your game experience. That's the best thing you could do."

These coaches/GM's etc want to see young me succeed in the pursuit of their dream. Yes, there are some ruthless ones out there, but the vast majority are caring men who often accept the role of father/older brother to these young men and really do want to help them succeed. Whether that's with their own team or elsewhere.

Another note ... often when they're scouting NFL Training Camps ... They're sitting in the stands with agents. They say hello to the team's coaches that they've coached with before or know or have crossed paths. It's like a convention. Shake hands. Say Hello. Reconnect. Ask how their wife & kids are. Oh that's great ... you must be a proud father. Really ... they're that old now eh?

Then ask ... "Is there anyone we should be looking at that isn't going to make it through camp with your team?"

Eric Tillman is out looking for players

From Rod Pedersen

6 - Ticats consultant Eric Tillman is on an enviable NFL training camp tour. Last week he was out west, with a stop in Arizona, and after a quick return home to the Queen City, he's back out on the road this week travelling eastward, including a stop in New Orleans. While in San Diego last week, Tillman ran into Rider Assistant GM Jeremy O'Day.


CFL teams also seem to find over-looked talent at their regional open tryouts in the US. Guys who have been out of football for a year or more, undrafted guys, guys who had a brief NFL fling before being cut, perform well enough at these sessions to get invitations to CFL training camps.

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