Ticats say no to any more Ivor Wynne fix up money

Ticats reaffirm need for new stadium
Hamilton Spectator

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are once again making it clear they want a new stadium.

Owner Bob Young has said the team would be willing to contribute tens of millions of dollars toward a new Pan Am stadium in the city.

And now team president Scott Mitchell says the Cats will no longer continue to make financial contributions to maintain Ivor Wynne Stadium.

He says the team has already spent 7-million dollars in recent years on the 79-year old facility.

But he says if a new stadium isn't built, 20-million dollars in renovations are going to be needed to Ivor Wynne.

And Mitchell says they will have to done without the help of Ottawa, Queen's Park and the Ticats.

That's the spirit, Mr. Young.

Of course, there's that little problem of the 6 years between now and 2015.

Perhaps Mitchell can do some kind of promotional dealythingy with Maglite where each fan gets a free maglite with each ticket purchase.

The city can remove the remaining seven lighting standards, save some electricity, and the fans can light the field by aiming their 25,000 maglites in unison at the field of play.

Might need to cut down on beer sales to keep the light constant, but it does create some pretty fun scenarios - Kenton Keith is barreling toward the line when suddenly, click, 25,000 maglites shut off, the stadium goes pitch black until, click, four seconds later 25,000 lights go back on as Keith crosses the goal line unmolested. Brings the 13th man advantage to a whole new level.

Seriously, hope everybody likes them day games.

Hmmm, nobody better breath when we're at the games as the forced air from our lungs combined with a breeze or two might be enough to topple the other light standards. :lol:

Don't cloud the issue with important facts. We want a new stadium and one way or another, we'll get one. :wink:

I love the stand B.Y. has taken with the clowns in city hall. But isnt this eerily similar to when most pro sports teams cant get a new stadium and the owner then decides to move the team...???? I hope all works out and the city approves a new stadium, otherwise, they may force B.Y.'s hand.....

So with all of this stadium talk, what happens if Southern Ontario isn`t granted the 2015 Pan Am games?

the timing in the way the rotation works pretty well locks it up I think

I'm changing my handle to boxJsince09 - no way I'm wanting to sit up high when the next of those light standards comes down for "unscheduled maintenance". :wink:

Wow, ticats starting to play hardball here and taking a page out of the ballard era of threatening. first they put blackouts in they never said they would and now they are threatening to move if they dont get their way. Not sure this is the way to go but its all in the spec article here



I dont see it as a threat as much as pointing out reality.

Its true, if there is no stadium, the team will cease to exist. The city owns the current facility and as such, has the responsibilty of keeping it viable for use. The Ticats pay a lease to use the stadium as their own, and any further financial commitment by them is not necessary. The fact they have sunk 7 million in to IWS is a testament to their commitment to the city. But there comes a time when you say 'enough is enough'.

They arent threatening at all. They are saying, if you (the city) would prefer to keep IWS, you'll be doing it on your own, at your own expense. If you want to have a new facility, there will be lots of help to get it done.

Either way, the city will be on the hook for around 90-100 million (either to build a new stadium or to renovate IWS). The choice, do you want to go it alone, or have help doing it?

That's the way I read it also mycko.

I don't even care is it actaully is threatening. The way city coucil is run and makes decisions it's about the only way to get anything done.

IWS is a relic and needs drastic infrastructure upgrades that make it much more cost effective to build a new stadium so that the city and organization can have new revenue streams.

It only makes sense to get involved in the Pan Am bid. Wether or not the athletes are "2nd or 3rd or even 4th" class, the games are going to draw people into the city.

Nice BS title for your post Beetlejuice. The Ticats haven't threatened anybody. If they don't have a viable stadium (Ivor Wynne or a new one) to play out of, then they would be forced to look elsewhere. Pretty straight forward, no?....and when did the Ticats ever say they would NEVER blackout any football games? Do you think this silly little stuff up in your mind and then print it as gospel?

As anyone knows here, I'm on board with a new stadium for HAMILTON and surrounding communities, they way I look at it, not just the Tiger-Cats.

However, to be honest, I appreciate what Merulla and any others are discussing as long as it is constructive issues with all of this rather than grandstanding or just being plain obstinate. In some ways, constructive criticism actually makes any project better in the long run if the project is deemed "good" for a community or city etc.

what is the title of the spec article? Build stadium or else, say Cats, dont get mad at me for calling it threatening. everyone knows the stand they took on blackouts, its common knowledge on here and there was thread after thread about it last season. Dont attack me for saying its threatening, what else is it when someone says if they dont get their way they will leave? this is after all a business that says it loses millions and yet they still want taxpayers to fund a new home for them. those are the facts as is that the spec poll showed 60% of hamiltonians dont want the pan am games but of course that means nothing to anyone on here because it doesnt support the taxpayer gift they want to give to pan am/tigercats. Its corporate welfare.

It’s a newspaper headline, not the title of any official document for pete’s sakes.

"Either there has to be a new facility in Hamilton or there has to be a major renovation to Ivor Wynne Stadium. If the city doesn't want to do either, obviously we'd have to look at other places to play," he said.

"Without a stadium at all, there is no Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

He wouldn't speculate on potential new locations for the team.

Yeah, maybe the reason he wouldn't speculate is because there is no vacant CFL-ready stadium anywhere in Canada (even the Ottawa group is having trouble getting a home).

The new stadium being built in Moncton will have only 10,000 permanent seats.

Are we to believe that cities across Canada will be lining up to help Bob build a new stadium?

The team's options are to stay in Hamilton, or to fold.

Maybe council needs a kick in the pants, but don't try to pretend the team has anywhere else to go.

I think a new stadium as part of the Pan Am games bid makes sense, but who does Mitchell think he's kidding?

My understanding is that Burlington, maybe Oakville, not sure, has made inquiries about the stadium if Hamilton doesn't want it. And who knows what plans they might have in the long run. And also Univ Toronto, they still have Varsity with a 5,000, why not a free, basically, 15,000? Or London even, to upgrade TD Waterhouse from what it is now, a 12,000 seater I think? Univ Waterloo, Guelph etc. maybe as well? Maybe Bob is willing to contribute to other communities that want a 15,000 to start? Forgot, Brock also is close enough to Toronto, they might want a 15,000 as well with Bob on board? Who knows?