Ticats say it's a new season, baby!

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“Once the playoffs start, what happened the past few weeks really doesn’t matter,? Glenn said. “What happened in the first week of the season doesn’t matter. Everyone is 0-0 and you’re going out to play a three-game season. Whoever comes up undefeated in that three-game season will end up winning the Grey Cup.?

In fact, Glenn puts absolutely no stock in using the regular season as a barometer for what will happen in the playoffs.

“Given the situation and the time of year, a lot of times in professional sports your record doesn’t indicate what type of team you are and this year in the league it has been that way,? Glenn said. “Every team has had their ups and downs. They’ve gone on their two- or three-game losing streaks, their five-, six-game winning streaks. You have to experience it. Tell the fans to pay attention to the playoffs. That’s what counts right now.?

hmmmmm.... we certainly haven't had any of these. so, not every team.

I said the same thing last week, new season begins Now! GO CATS GO!!!

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If we need inspiration, us ticat fans just have to look back to 2000 and 2001 when BC and Calgary won the Grey Cup with 8-10 records. Anything can happen!