Does anyone have any idea where the ticats salary is compared to other teams liek the ARGOS. The other teams seems to have solid veterans up and down the linup that must command more $$$ than the cats rookie filled lineup.

The cats are paying what $500,000 for PRINTERS ?
and the total cap is 4.2 million .

Other than say Printers, Moreno , Lumdsen , Mckay Lauscher, and Miles well the rest must be making close the the minimum salary ...guys like Cohen, Mitchell, Adams , Lewis must be making the minimum .

this is why it is tough to win as you can't win consistently with about 5 - 8 solid veterans and rookies or backups starting all over the place .

Dave Dickenson was making around 400k to 450k when the BC Lions won the Grey Cup and his salary was never mentioned or described as a problem...

Last year it was the lowest in the league. Montreal was the highest followed by Saskatchewan.

the team and in particular scott mitchell has stated on here numerous times that the ticats are in the middle of the pack salary wise and close to the cap.

Does anyone know why CFL player salaries are not public like every other pro sport?

I think its mostly because they are low enough that its more a private matter. Like how much a regular person with a regular job makes.. its not public. Normally only the big 4 leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) are the ones that disclose player salaries.

The minimum salary now is 41 thousand which is a lot better than it was in recent history. In the mid 90's some guys were making as low as 18 thousand (he was with Birmingham) and a Ti-Cats reserve linebacker was used once as an example of lowest paid T-Cat. His last name was Assman and he made 28 thousand a year. People that work in factories will often make more than that.

If you notice the only ones you do hear about are the huge ones. Making the 40-100 thousand a year salaries public would probably make the CFL look more bush league.

Average salaries these days would be about 55-60 thousand a year..

I thought I read somehwere that in the near future (possiblhy this yeat) Salaries were going to be made public.

Thanks zenstate. By the way, anyone with Assman for their last name ought to be making more than 28 g's a year.

The CFL really could have a premier league if their fan base would support. Dave Dickerson and many other QB's have made 450,000, but Printers is making maybe 50K more. Hamilton has been losing for a very long time, and by bringing Printers who is young, very gifted at the QB position brought interest, a I CAN attititude, and :cowboy: swagger to a team that badly needed it. I'm not sure why Printers is even a topic because number 1, Printers is not paying himself, so if the owners don't have a problem with it then why should we. These guys came to the CFL to play football...period!!! If we would support not just the ticats, but if FANS would support their league, this league could be BIG.... I really like this league and enjoy every down of CFL I can watch. I like watching BC, Sakatawaan, Winnepeg, etc. I'm familiar with the names of the players, and are intrigued by the talent in Canada, as well as guys that come from the NFL, who are only in Canada, due to a minor situations, where they were the odd man out, so they come to the CFL to play, to stay sharp and competitive in a very competitive market. Many time these guys don't discuss money because it is an exceptable and Private matter and some of us need to try to respect that, and look at the TEAM. STOP trying to find FAULT with everything, every word, every situation...Dang some of you need to read Football 101. :cowboy:

Printers is not making 500k this season, his contract was front loaded to help with the cap this year.


actually, he hits us harder this year because 100k of his last year salary is a hit on this years cap. so you add his base this year of 450 plus 100 and its a pretty heavy hit on the cap. His bonuses in post season when we get there will also count against the cap.

Steve milton explained the details in his column:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20Sports/article/246909]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20S ... cle/246909[/url]

"Although he'll get plenty of extra cash-generating marketing gigs, this is the basic outline of his deal:

For the remainder of 2007, he'll be paid a base salary of $100,000, a signing bonus of $250,000 and a second bonus of $100,000 after the Grey Cup. That whopping $450,000 for essentially a half-season, is the only reason that the Cats won the Printers derby over, primarily, the Argos. The post-Cup $100,000 counts against next year's salary cap, the other $350,000 against this year's.

He will then receive between $400,000 and $450,000 for each of the next two years and a third, club-option, year.

There are also incentive bonuses for Printers' post-season accomplishments, which would also count against the cap if he reaches them."

That's a real BIG if...as of July 1st anyway.