Ticats @ Roughriders 2023 PBP Thread

BLM starting - check.
BLM finally getting a chance to play under Milanovic’s playbook - check.
Mike Gibson acting as OC in place of Milanovic who is absent from the team for a family issue - check.

How many other teams have had THREE different Offensive Coordinators in a single season?

There are still playoff ramifications for many teams, so this game actually counts.


How quick do we start blaming BLM? And a bit of a guessing game… does he go down with injury or does he get pulled?

Ah the 2 Quarter!

I’m predicting a decisive victory today

Ham 29

Sask 17


RIP George Reed

A CFL Legend in every respect


The Riders will be going for that ankle.

I hope Bo gets much better protection than our O Line gave him earlier this year, and that he lights it up.

We have just enough runway left between now and playoffs for Bo to get into a groove/get hot when it really matters.


On another note, I’ve noticed that teams are starting to not post their depth charts before the game (or at all). I thought there was some rule about when they had to be set? Roster at least. If so, the CFL should get with it and get teams back on the straight and narrow. It looks bush league.

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That was a very beautiful tribute to George Reed.


Unfortunately we KNOW who the PBP team will be for this game.
The worst announcers in Football, IMO.


Please God, let this be the last game with these alt unis.


They have to send them to the league by noon the day before the game. And the Ticats posted theirs on Facebook yesterday. But they haven’t posted it on their website for some reason.

Suitor wearing his George Reed jersey no doubt.

He hasn’t taken off his jersey since he “retired”.

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Double gloves for Bo

Not a fan of them either. Although my old sweatshirt that I’m wearing now has been worn and washed so often, it’s starting to look like them.

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I think that the OL has improved since earlier in the season and they have been able to field the same group for the past few weeks so I think Bo should get adequate protection. And Sask’s DL is not the boatmen or the BBs. Well the ball has been kicked off so let’s see how the offense does.

Bo mistake no. I

Absolutely pass interference not called

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Did he throw the challenge before the next play was blown in?

He must have - but really that was SO obvious, he shouldn’t have to be using a challenge flag this early in the game.


Never mind - it was before the snap.

I didn’t think so, as the defender had position before any contact. But now I see the defender did grab Bayless, preventing him from getting to the ball, while his back was to the ball.

Now it’s Magic Eight Ball time.