I know we might sign some more free agents and we will bring alot of competition into camp but here are my thoughts on the current roster :

  1. Receivers - Any predictions on how many non imports we will use. Will Stalla be the 5th receiver now like Carter was last year or will they start 2 canadians and have the 5th receiver be in import from Jeffers, Kelly , or T Grant .
    Right now I see Fantuz starting inside and Williams and Bkari Grant starting with either Stala or (Jeffers or Kelly) as the 4th receiver .

  2. Anyone know if Terry Grant will be healthy for camp . I wonder if they will be tempted to bring in Fred Reid or Reynolds if Mallet doesn't impress in camp especially Reynolds since he worked with Burris for so long.

  3. I think they will keep Q. Porter any thoughts ?

  4. Dline -- it looks like we once again have no true DT's . It looks like Baggs , Rose, ( Steele / Kirk) , Peach .

  5. I am surprised that Eiben agreed to come here as a backup LB and special teams player ..Might they be looking at 3 -4 defence ? Can Eiben only really backup Johnson's position ? Eiben will be a great leader and specialty teams guy but I thought he could still start .
    6 Any thoughts on whether Hickman and Thigpen will stick down south . My thoughts are no to both ....I think hickman is not fast , strong and agile enough to play linebacker ...and thigpen has raw speed but won't succeed with less field space ..just my opinion .
    7 Who will replace Thigpen ? T GRANT and C Williams ?

8 Oline ..

Oh my ...who will replace Rotteir..I suppose it will be o'neil with W. Smith as insurance . i also assume we are going with Belton and Simmons as out tackles. I know there are some really good previous high draft picks coming into camp this year so they might surprise and be out long term future . I hope HAGE is healthy . I had heard we are getting Murphy from the ARGOS but i guess not .

9 DB's

Hmm ?

Well HINDS should man one corner especially since he is a non import ratio buster
the other corner should be Turenne or Means with Young being the third option


Dee Webb and Turenne or Means with Bo smith bring the third option

Safety :

Collins or Thomas

10 Linebackers are a no brainer with Eiben being a possible 4th in a 3-4 defence and Denison and Ike brown being backups and Maruiz the extra canadian

i think overall this team has much better defensive backs providing Means, Turenne and Collins all return to camp ..
Also if Hinds can stay healthy we are in great shape

We have been weakened at DLine with Hickman leaving but if Rose is back he might make a difference with Peach
Our linebackers are great and Eiben addition is great

I think our specialty teams are in great shape adding Eiben and having Beswick , Hood, MARIUZ , iKE BROWN , kANYA ,
y Carter .

  1. Replacing thigpen will be tough as a kick returner
    12 Let's pray Medlock comes back .....or that will be huge drop ..any thoughts ?

  2. Any thoughts on if GIguere will be coming to the cats this year ..?

14 Coaching and ofensice co-ordination has improved with Cortez ..and his familiarity with Burris .

15 OUR Qb position in Burris has improved and having Cortez and now fantuz really helps .

16 Running Back,...we will have to see what Mallet can do in camp ..but we Have Reid, Cates, and Reynolds all out there if he doesn't work out ..we also have Terry Grant if his leg is healed.

Your comments are welcome

I wonder if there will be as many players in camp this year fighting for jobs as many of the positions are becoming established now with the emergence of bkari Grant and Chris Williams

I'm sure they'll still have the maximum number at camp.
But there will probably be more DBs and DLs and less receivers this year.

yeah you are probably right as they are pretty set at receiver

I am so glad we upgraded our non import receiver position from Carter to Fantuz ....
As well as adding Eiben ...

We also have some pretty good looking young non import OLINEMAN coming into camp this year from previous draft of last year and previous year ...

I am glad too Glenn is gone has he could not win the bug game , was inconsistant and injury prone and could not run .
Marcel too wsa just too positive and too much a cheerleader ..He was not tough enough and did not have enough respect from the players in my eyes ...Cortez has a good resume and is pretty tough and demands respect ....

I am not sure how Mallet will turn out ...as I liked having Colburne there in those must win games ....
Hard to believe Avon , Reid, Reynolds and Cates have all been let go in a span of a month or two .....
If I am the cats I invite one to camp maybe Reid ...or Reynolds

It should be in an interesting training camp and year ......and battle with the improved ARGOS AND TICATS

I dunno. While I understand his strengths and weaknesses, I think some of the criticism of Glenn is a bit too harsh.

He beat the Als in Montreal in the playoffs! Throwing for about a 72% completion rate. Does that not qualify as a big game?


He also won on the road in the Eastern Final in 2007, throwing a completion pct of 71.4% to help put his team in the Grey Cup. Does that not also qualify as a big game?

Keep in kind, the tabbies passing attack last year was good, and the red zone efficiency outstanding. The run game was the worst in the CFL, and the defence was worst or 2nd worst.

I firmly believe that if Glenn were the QB in BC last year, he wold have easily won that Grey Cup game

I guess we will find out about GLENN this year ..

I agree he played great against Montreal but then he layed an egg in WPG
He also layed an egg two years in a row at home ..once against BC and then against the Argos
He was terrible in all those 3 critical games

I agree he can have big games and often does but he can also have terrible games and he did 3 out of 4 playoff games for us

there was no excuse for us not winning at home two years in a row at home against marginal competition in BC and the Argos .
I sat behind the bench at that toronto game and watched very closely and the argos were not taking the game we were giving it to them ....
Time and time again too Glenn cannot coem thru with that late push to win the game ..the terrible pass to BRUCE in the argo game was an example .

I think Glenn is good and sometime great but not consistant and not a big game player ....i watched Brady and Manning in the superbowl and there are a couple of big game players

Unfortunately, big games come up more than once every 5 years. Furthermore, you need to win at least two in a row to win a Grey Cup.

Fortunately, anyone defending Glenn now has a 10-year career to draw upon for evidence. If your argument is too full of phrases like "could have" and "would have", that's probably a sign that the evidence is pretty light.

Q/B - Burris is a big upgrade over Glenn
R/B- we should be okay with Mallet and Terry Grant
O/L- even with Marwan back we can never have enough O/L
Rec.- great shape , Fantuz is a huge upgrade over Matt Carter
L/B- We have the best personell in the league if they are used to their potential
D/B - A work in progress, up to Obie and the D/C to improve this
D/L - Same as above
S/T _ WE NEED MEDLOCK!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno. Again a 72% no ints. Is that an egg?

The running backs ran 10 times for 24 yards. Not gonna win many games with no ground game. Winnipeg on the other hand rushed for over 200 yards.

He also layed an egg two years in a row at home ..once against BC and then against the Argos He was terrible in all those 3 critical games
"Terrible?" Really? Again, see it quite differently. Against BC, 61%, 437 yards, 2 TDs no Ints? That's "terrible"

Again, the running game: Cobb 7 rushes, 34 yards, while the Hamilton defense gave up 103 yards on the ground.
Tiger-cats were down 11 points with 2:43 to go, and who can forget that last minute drive, I think it was over 90 yards and a 2 point convert to tie.



the terrible pass to BRUCE in the argo game was an example

Terrible pass? No
Perfect pass? No
Catchable pass? Yes
Dropped by Bruce? Yes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBEffDz1XQQ

Bruce was terrible that game not Glenn. Bruce dropped another pass, a TD in the endzone.

Also, Thigpen was terrible. 2 fumbles, including that huge muffed punt that led to the Argos winning TD. The only offense they could pretty much muster all game.

vs. the Argos. Glenn was 68%, 314 yards, 2 Ints , one of which totally Bruce's fault. Cant remember the other, but either way, that is not terrible.

Again, Cobb ran 6 times for 8 yards, Bruce once, for -11. Who was terrible? Total run game:16 yards!

And again the defense gave up 140 rush yards.

Glenn was not "terrible", nor was he the reason why we lost those games.

Terrible run defence, and terrible ground game on O

I only gave 2. Might there have been more?

But anyways, I have shown that he can win a big game and it needs to be acknowledged that a terrible D, and terrible run game is not the QBs fault and are much more likely reasons for losing a big game when the QB puts up good numbers.

I'm a firm believer in the adage that QBs and HCs get too much credit for winning, and too much blame for losing.

Maybe if the cats had a field goal kicker who could hit fg's over 10 yards. the bruce non catch probably wouldn't have to been thrown at all.

The thing is, you need to watch the games, not just cite statistics afterwards. Every Ticat fan who watched the games knows that our offence came out flat in each of the past three playoff losses. Last minute heroics that fall short just don't cut it - and last minute dropped passes are a flimsy excuse - because none of it should have been necessary if we had come out to play all game against weaker opponents.

If you like to play "what if" and "could have," here's a good one. If Calvillo's wife had not taken ill in 2007, Montreal goes to the Grey Cup like they did every other year in that stretch, and Glenn's one EDF win never happens.

No QB gets to the HOF for would've & could've. They get there for wins and leadership and carrying the team on their shoulders when necessary.

Burris is going to the Hall of Fame. So are Calvillo and Ray. As of today, there are no other active QBs who can make that claim. (Some of the younger ones have a shot if they can put in the years.)

We got a big upgrade at QB this off-season.

Of course someone here will claim that us having a poor kicker was Glenn's fault. :lol: :roll:

Now in responce to the original post:

  1. I think Stalla will be 5th. I predict our 7 starting Canadians will be Fantuz, Hage, Dyakowski, O'Neill, Peach, Hinds and a rotation between (Darcy) Brown and Stala depending on whether we use 5 receivers or 4 and a fullback.

  2. I think he'll be fine, but haven't heard for sure.

  3. I agree that we will likely keep him as I know of nobody who could replace him.

  4. Not sure. D-line seems to be a weak point as of now.

  5. I was thinking this as well, especially with a mediocre d-line. I was thinking having Eiben start with Mariuz as a back-up.

  6. Not sure about Hickman, but he's not under contract anymore, so he's not automatically Ti-Cat property if he returns. Thiggy I believe will be too short for the NFL and will be back.

  7. Not sure. Thigpen seemed to be more of a utility player who would fit in both slots but not truly excel at either, but it was nice not to use 2 roster spots.

8, 9 and 10 I mostly agree with

  1. Chris Williams will likely return punts. Not sure who else, likely either Mallet or a receiver

  2. Not sure who else is out there, I'm hoping he'll be back

  3. Possible, but don't count on it

14 and 15 I agree with

  1. I guess so, but I will still be disapointed if Mallet doesn't pan out.

Well Captain Kirk

All your points about our poor running game and poor run defence are very valid

but I still think Glenn could have done more but it was not all his fault

Hi the beast :slight_smile:_

Thanks for your answers ..

one thing to keep in mind is PEACH is an import .....replacing Hickman

My bad on that one. Guess the seventh Canadian then would be either Eiben or a d-lineman depending on if we go with a 4-3 or a 3-4

Can't argue with that. Well stated.

Tiger-cats were down 11 points with 2:43 to go, and who can forget that last minute drive, I think it was over 90 yards and a 2 point convert to tie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVftkOiG_Ik
the end result was crushing although the the two pointer to tie the game in the dying seconds was more than exhilarating.

Entertaining game no doubt.

thanks for the link CK :thup:

With Fantuz being a larger receiver, we would not always have to switch someone out for the four receiver set; he could be used tight inside in a blocking role occasionally. But as you say, with two all-star non-import receivers, we also have the option of the "fifth receiver" being an import. This could allow us to go with an import fullback/tight end. Jeffers-Harris could also be used in a TE role sometimes, coming in for one of the lighter import receivers.

Lots of options.

I really hope they use Darcy Brown more. Whenever he caught a ball last year, the DB covering him would either bounce right off of him or he would knock them over.