Any observations or word on who may be making a push for roster spots or positional changes ?

  1. I hear Shivers migh be pushing barker at safety ?
  2. Seems another ratio buster Rwabukamba maybe taking a crack at a DB spot
  3. it looks like the cats will be looking closer at THIGPEN at slotback ?
  4. It seems Mcdamiel isn't getting first unit play ?
  5. The new guy Kelly may get a look at wideout ?
    6 . Anyone have any ideas who is making a push for a starting DB position ?
    7 I figure Hinds and Dennis ar the most obvious choices but who know about the other 2 spots..maybe Carlos Thomas ?
    8 Any ideas who might start at DT this year ? Bolden and Kirk ?
    9 I was at the Black and Gold game and Avon looked good...We really needed a good hard nose tough RB like hm ...
    last time we had one like this was DAVIS
    10 boltus looked good maybe he will be pushing to be the # 2 guy

Not anymore, it seems. It sounds like Barker has been relegated back to ST as he can't cover man-to-man well enough for Chamblin's new aggressive defence. And they've been playing Hinds and Beswick at safety as well so they can mix up the defence, giving the offence different looks.

Chamblin pretty much came out and said he's made the team in the Hinds article. Don't know if he'll start right away, but defintely could be the main backup for Hinds and Beswick.

Or running pass routes out of a two-back set, a la Johnny Rodgers?

Way too much competition at receiver this year. More to the point is whether he'll even make the cut this year.

Grant seems to be stealing the show from him the last few days, from what everyone is posting. Don't think both can make it, but one should - and the other on PR? Got a coin?

I'd have to guess here based on what everyone else is saying, so I'm not going to.

No one is commenting on the lines, other than Baggs. Is no one watching them?

I'm glad to hear that. I was a bit concerned that he would be just another Cobb, that his performance was more a reflection of the Als' line opening holes. It will be good to have some aggressive running for a change.

Good that both backups are pushing each other. My guess is that unless there's a significant difference, it'll be Porter as #2, only because the tie goes to the incumbent.

They seem to be looking to replace McDaniel, but it's going to be tough. He had a good scrimmage and he did follow up a 600 yard season in 09 with a 1,000 yard season in 2010. Either way you look at it, it's a good problem to have.

He was short in 2010 of 1000 994 Yards LOL

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/list/team/hamilton/year/2010]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/list/team/ ... /year/2010[/url]

Bruce and Stalla where only 1000 yard WR's

I really think Kelly will beat McDaniel out ..

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/547382--ticat-hopefuls-will-earn-their-stripes-in-pre-season]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... pre-season[/url]

[i]Porter has had a tremendous camp so far. Whether it’s life changes — he’s set to become a father for the first time — or just his ongoing evolution, something looks to have fallen into place for Porter…

…Four of the five starting positions would appear to be set: Canadians Matt Carter and Dave Stala will be joined by Arland Bruce (routinely making spectacular catches, as per usual) and Maurice Mann (playing a new slot position like a man possessed.)

…The fifth spot, likely the boundary wide receiver, remains one of the best battles in camp, however. Six-foot-five Aaron Kelly must answer questions about his toughness — the preseason games will be key for him — Bakari Grant and London Crawford are in the mix and veteran Marquay McDaniel seems unwilling to concede his roster spot easily. Speedster Chris Williams — who might be the fastest player on the team — could be one of those guys they simply must find a roster spot for…

…Second-year Canadian Eddie Steele has been getting major time in the middle in the absence of veteran Matt Kirk, and rookie Maurice Forbes has looked solid…


And here we go.... lol.

Good to hear and congrats to QP on his impending fatherhood.

I would absolutely HATE to see McDaniel not get a spot on this team.

Same here. But what that says about our depth at receiver this year? Wow. I can't wait to see these guys in action, whoever makes it.

Agreed. But if he doesn't, then that must mean a significant improvement for the Tiger-Cats.

There's been lots of attention to the improvement of RB, and a younger, faster MLB. Now we seem to be getting consistent reports of improvements in an already well established receiving corps. I think I'm most excited to see Mo Mann really step it up this year. Not due to his abilities, but because I think Jones, the new DC, will fully utilizie his abilities, which, I believe was not done last season. Make no mistake: Mo Mann's got game!

Glen is looking to be in fine condition even better than he was when he played for the Pegger’s. I think playing for the Cat’s close to home really suites him. :thup:

IMO Mann has the ability to be as good as any receiver in the league. We've seen it in practice, and we've seen flahses of it in games. With him being in the slot this year, the oportunity is there for him to become elite. I think it all depends on whether or not he can consistently play at the level for a whole season.

IMO he has to get off to a good start right away and get the momentum going.He started sluggish last year and just never picked it up.If he should start in game 1 with say 125 yards and 2 TD's, I don't think we'll have any problems from him the rest of the year.

I didn't see him as sluggish. To me, he was more of a forgotten man in the offensive scheme.

agreed, but i do seem to remember him picking up his game near the end of the season, he still had 787yrds and 5 tds and i think he only played somthing like 13 or 14 games

i do believe he's going to have an incredible season, im expecting over 1000 yrds and atleast 8-10 tds<but this could be wishful thinking

Thank goodness the TiCats vanilla offense and bend-don't-break defence are gone. Last year was not entertaining.

Based on nothing more than chatroom chatter and blog postings I'm thinking McDaniels is done here. Hopefully Carter is fully recovered from his concussion last year and isn't prone to relapse. Stala has to stay healthy. Bruce is money and Mann's move to the slot should reap huge rewards.

It appears Thiggy will be more of a threat than just returning kicks. That should mean another returner has to emerge especially if McDaniels is no longer here. Chris Williams is getting rave reviews for his speed.

Kelly's height at 6'5" should be attractive as the wide side receiver. Edmonton used that tactic successfully against our smaller dbs many times in the past.

I was surprised to read Drew saying Porter is having a good camp. However, given the expectations this year and Glenn's performance, I doubt (injury excepted) the back-ups will be much of a factor this year.

Starting two N/I DBs would be a welcomed surprise. Hopefully such a move won't create a Lumsden effect.

Barker losing his starting Safety job will disappoint him, but our ST will benefit.

I prefer two kickers in uniform, but it seems the plan is to go with one. I'm no expert but there are credible sources who warn of left-footed kickers. Apparently they mess up the holder or something. Wilbur is younger, cheaper, right-footed and like Boreham doesn't shy away from a hit.

At the end of the day, in Obie I trust and as long as we win the Grey Cup, don't really care how it happens.

Hmmm...Got me a thinkin'...

If Mo Mann is moving to the slot, and we already have AB3 and Sticky there, can McDaniel make the transition to wide out? Is he tall enough? Can he stay as a back up SB?

Moving Mo Mann inside might make it even that much tougher for McDaniel.

Having Mann move inside is a huge disadvantage for McDaniel.
I would rather have a tall or real fast receiver on the outside and McDaniel isn't either of those.

I'm assuming eight receivers, with at least four NIs. Bruce, Mann, Stala are given, with Carter and MacKay most likely locks. Sounds like either Kelly or Grant will be on the team. To bring up NI count to four, Kohlert will probably be there. Leaving one spot up for grabs, with McDaniel competing with Crawford, the other of Kelly/Grant, Watson and Williams. Unless they shave a spot somewhere else for a return specialist, only one of this group is making it, with probably a couple being added to the PR.

As people have mentioned before, this is a nice problem to have. For the team, not for the players though.

Then again, with an extra NI or two in the secondary, maybe they only go with three NI receivers?

Strange that Barker's safety position should be under review, many fans thought he was going to be an all star at that position even the panel on TSN. :? O well in Chamblin we trust, I think. :expressionless:

Another very interesting article on the team website, with some rather glaring messages between the lines.
Two things pop out at me in this article, both by omission: Thigpen and Stephenson. Neither is mentioned in an article about our running backs and who is in the running for backing up Cobourne. Does Thigpen's absence mean that he is being considered as a fulltime receiver? If so, what does that mean for the other receivers at camp, especially the imports? And what about Stephenson? Is he out, or is he being considered a fullback now? If a fullback, what does that mean for Brown and Barrenechea? Or is it just because he's injured?

Oh, this time of year can be pretty interesting.

A few days ago, they published the article specifically on Thigpen, where Bellfeuille said, "He is going to have a number of different responsibilities, as receiver, as a running back – he won’t be a quarterback I can tell you that - but he will do everything else. He’ll block, he’ll run routes and now with him having a training camp under his belt as a true receiver he’ll be much better." So I suspect it was just an oversight on the part of the author, though I suppose things could have changed since then.