1 . Who looks to be the fullback this year stephenson ?
2. Word has it they are moving Mann to the inside . Does this mean that Mcdaniel then moves to the outside

  1. Any idea on the impact of us losing our ratio buster Offensive tackle gauthier. i know he was average and overpaid . Any ideas on if they wil go with two import tackles or move Rottier or Wayne Smith there ? OR Belton Johnson as an import OT

4 .Any word on how Rey Williams is as a mlb ?

  1. How are things looking ar db ? o know hinds will be one corner as a non import and i assume dennis and shivers have the inside track on the half back positions . Daniel Francis and Carlos thomas should battle for a spot while bradley and Bo Smith may have the inside track on the corner .

6 any word on if mcintyre will stick in the NFL ? I figure it's 60 % .
We are thin at DT ..Bolden and Kirk ..any other options ? Maybe Jeremy Gibbs has a shot ?

7 . Anyone think Colburne is good enough despite our not so good running game history ?

1.Probably Darcy Brown with Stephenson subbing for 3rd and 1 situations.

2.McDaniel was the subject of trade talks a while back, whether anything will materialize or not is another story.

3.We released Gauthier so that we could go with two IMP tackles.The OL will look like this IMO - LT: Belton Johnson, LG:Peter Dyakowski, C:Marwan Hage, RG:Wayne Smith, RT:Jason Jiminez.

4.Rey Williams was dominant at MLB during his short time in SSK.He's quick, a hard hitter and a play maker.He was only out last year because he got scoped up by the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers where he got injured before he could play.

5.At DB i'd expect to see about 1 more trade and a few signings.Ryan Hinds matured nicely last year and played very well.Jerome Dennis is a pretty good starter and could hold his own.Bo Smith is the worst DB on the planet and get's burned like there's no tomorrow.Carlos Thomas was one of Womack's finds from his SSK days.Daniel Francis would be a solid starter for us right off the bat.

6.McIntyre will probably remain in the NFL for at least 1 year.Gibbs is a great option for us at DT, he plays with a huge amount of ferocity and get's to the QB in a hurry.His downside is that he anger sometimes costs us.I would like to see someone brought in that can challenge both for the starting job.Kirk is a beast, as far as I know he will be back with us.

7.I do think Cobourne may have had some trouble in our past scheme's, but with 3 offensive minds and his knowledge of one of the best offense's out there, i'm sure he'll flourish as a Ticat.

I'll take a stab at these three.

  1. We will likely have two Imports at tackle this year, Jimenez seems to be the favourite for one spot while Belton Johnson will battle it out with some new guys that are brought into camp (So i'm told). Wayne Smith and Simeon Rottier will battle it out for the left guard spot (Again, so i'm told).
    I Think 15_Championships is probably right in his prediction of what the Offensive Line will look like this season.

  2. Williams was a beast when he took over as the MLB for the riders in 09', especially in the playoffs. We wouldn't have signed him if Joe Womack didn't like him, so obviously him and Obie both feel pretty good about plugging him between J.J. and Knolwton.

  3. The NFL is locked out right now, so McIntyre is "stuck" there for the time being.

Thanks 15_championships and Jordon for your insights :slight_smile:

My comments are :

  1. Using two Offensive Tackles will cost us an import elsewhere . That's not great news . But it's good news for our running and passing game .

  2. I think Mann is a bust but i hope I am wrong . Mcdaniel is better suited in the middle so we lack a good outside guy. Our canadian receivers are weakened with the loss of Baumann . Maybe Mckay will step up but I thhink Carter is too soft . I hope I am wrong. Just imagine if Bruce gets injured..a pretty weak receiving corp eh .

  3. Too bad about Mcintyre ..he was my fav cat and I was waiting for him to break out into an all stat . Right now the DLINE looks weaker than last year .

  4. Our DB'S look very weak . I hope Francis and Thomas turn out well or we are in trouble .

  5. I hope Rey Williams is as good as advertised as Floyd and Knowlton and Johnson all had great chemistry and were familiar with eachothers games and tendancies etc form BC days ..

6 Overall , I think we need to being in some competition at import WR, NON import receiver , Non import OT , All import Db's . Import DT. hopefully some with CFL experience too.

7 . I wonder if our offence will use Thigpen more now with screens and throws out of the backfield to utilize his breakaway speed.

(1) Amercian Tackles should give better Protection
(2) I really think Moving Mann Inside will give Huge Match Problems for Other Teams
He played well last year
Looking foward to him getting 1000 yards and atleast 5 to 8 TD This year
(3) I think Mac will be Back by OCt
(4) Agree about DB's
(5) I think Williams will do fine
He not Floyd
He knew how to pump our guys up and get them going.
Will miss him
(6) It allways good to have Compettion
Better is better
(7)Who knows

I see big things in the future for Carlos Thomas.Very young, played against some big school's and was hand picked by Womack.He's my bet for Mr. Diamond in the rough 2011.