1. Defensive Line .

To me I know Crable has about the most upside but he has not done much and has looked lost out there and has not generated much pass rush . I hope he changes that soon as I like his Pedigree and upside and experience as a starting outside linebacker for the New England Patriots in the NFL and good career at Michigan .

Robert Rose has also not looked so great but he has bulked up a lot so that might explain the lack of pass rush and more attention to the run . He manhandled the Argos OLINEMAN GAGNE-Marceaux and almost brock his arm last WEEK.

Ronnel Brown has been a beast tackling well running fast for a big man ..chasing running backs from behind and he was the guy that sprung Chris Williams with the push block that send the last man # 6 Ball flying before Williams sprinted to the end zone on the missed field goal . He has an engine like Mcintyre had .

Mcelveen - It seems he has stepped up and go the QB a few times and laced a few people and he can play DE or DT and has CFL experience .
Bourdeaux - He has played well and hes speed and energy but lacks experience .

Kevin Basped - They are very high on this guy and might give him a game to show what he can do .

My take is that Brown and Rose have cemented tackle spots and Mcleveen has show enough at both spots to justify his spot ...so either Crable or Bourdeaux would be the one out of the rotation when Peach returns


TISDALE has looked great at corner ..his ability to guard and hit and intercept
BO SMITH bulked up and looks great
Thomas has been good
Webb has been good ...
Young has been ok

Rose hasn't done a thing, which is disappointing.
Ronnell Brown has been a monster, he consistently gets pressure up the middle.
Crable and McElveen haven't impressed me at all, I think Boudreaux is better.

The secondary has played well the last two games. The only guy I don't like is Dee Webb, Who's been non-existent at safety.

8) So far Matt Bucknor has been the biggest surprise, considering he is a rookie, and a Canadian to boot.
  He has done a more than adequate job on the tough corner spot, and at this point it would appear Hinds will have his
   hand full to get his old job back.

   Dare the Cats try to go with 2 Canadian corners, Bucknor and Hinds ???   If they could, it would be an immense help with
   the ratio !!

    Unbelievable that a kid from Hamilton (Bucknor) can step right in and start for his hometown team, as a rookie !!

In three games the only play that our safety has made, was made by Bucknor. Webb has been invisible. Maybe it is the scheme but still the safety should be knocking down passes or making big hits. So far, Bucknor is the only safety who has been there. Bucknor at safety and Hinds at corner makes sense to me. But what do I know? I'm jusy a pretty face. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Could be Creehan's use of the safety that is at issue. We had similar problems with our safeties last season in Montreal; only toward the end of the season did it become apparent that Tibesar was using the safety as the absolute last line of defense, 20 yards deep, there to make desperation tackles after the pass had already been completed. I'm like you guys -- I want a safety who puts the fear of God into receivers coming over the middle! :twisted:

As surprising as Bucknor has performed, I think you guys are giving him a bit too much credit . He needs more time to prove himself and gain confidence and CFL experience etc . RIght now , I think he and Hinds can share one spot until it becomes apparent that he is ready to handle a full time role . Bucknor has missed a fair amount of tackles this year and a few last game . Dee Webb is a better player than Bucknor right now . We wil learn alot about Webb and Bucknor against the ALS ....

Names like, Paul Bennett and Rob Hitchcock will be remembered as heavy hitters.......... Creehan needs to deploy a scheme and player at safety with a winning and hitting attitude.

Carlos Thomas showed he can hit at safety and the guy Craig RAY can hit as well

I have to agree with you on Rose and Brown. I expected more from Rose. He has disappointed. But Brown sure hasn't.

Fortunately, based on what I read about what's going on at practice, Peach will almost certainly play on Saturday.

And it's true that Webb has not done much at safety. I thought Thomas was more impressive there last year. IMHO, Webb and Thomas are not playing the right positions, the ones they were playing by the end of last season. Once again, this year's coaching staff is fixing things that are not broken.