Ticat's Roster questions

I am right Mike Philbrick was one of the 99 alumni I meet during the alumni autograph signing pre game Oct 4th 1999 . Since just looked at my 1999 Ticats Almanac book I bought from a Antique store in 2019 and he is one of the 99 players I had sign it


Pretty sure most of the 99 team was at the Game oct 4th 2019 , except for a few like Archie Amerson , i even seen Dr. David Levy on the ticats Sideline wearing a 99 leather jacket and his ring .

Just found the pic I took of Dr. David Levy talking to Tasker

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Are you sure about Archie ? I'm pretty sure that I remember seeing him there . He was my son's favourite player when I first started taking him to games . Maybe you were mistaken and getting him confused with another player ? :thinking:....or maybe it's me .


:sunglasses: As I previously mentioned I was at the dinner the night before honouring the 1999 Grey cup Champs, and I know for a fact that Darrin Flutie was not there, and I sure don't remember seeing good old Archie Amerson either.

It was a night to remember for sure :smiley:

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i'm sure i remember him posting on fb that he couldn't / was unable to go

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yeah flutie and amerson were two of the few not there , Montford was at the game oct 4th but he arrived late was orignally suppose to be at a signing the day before but flight was delayed i think .

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From Steve Milton's training camp update today in the spec . he said Van Zeyl has a thumb injury and he would know since Milton is one of the main media at training camps and practices , pretty sure it was milton who handed my 2014 eastern final rally towel to dyakowski for me for peter to sign in 2015