Ticat's Roster questions

LOL. My sediments exactly Grover . They can have him , if they want him . Besides I'd give a HARD NO if asked about signing Dennis . The guy is a bit of a flake if you ask me and not my type of player . The only time he has seemed happy and productive was when he was with the Stamps .

Anybody else remember when a few years back he signed that big contract with the Riders and then proceeded to shat the bed , playing lousy for them ? He then goes back to Calgary the next year and suddenly he finds his old self again and plays great .

So now he signs with Edmonton and once again we see him being unhappy and wanting out . Sorry but this guy may be a great player (when he wants to be ) BUT I really don't think he's worth the trouble or the look .


An interesting observation from 3downnation's weekly "Insider Talk:"

"The Ticats seem to be giving (rookie national defensive end) Mason Bennett a lot of work. If (reigning CFL Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman) Chris Van Zeyl’s injury is bad, I bet they’ll start him so they can dress an American at right tackle.

Insider Talk: Derek Dennis’ contract, Bombers-Argos trade, co-GM Paul LaPolice? | 3DownNation

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If they did this, they would have to sit either Ja'Gared Davis or Julian Howsare as starters. I don't think that'll happen.

I think it more likely if Big Bad Teddy needs a break they replace him with an American tackle and replace one of the two DEs with Bennett to keep the ratio of two Canadians on D. The other option is they come up with a Canadian backup DT, in which case they could do one or the other (Canadian DT or Bennett at DE). It's all about the ratio. :canada: :canada:


What injury ?? How bad ?? This is the first I've heard of it . If anybody can elaborate further it would be appreciated .

If we lose Van Zeyl for any length of time we could be in a bit of trouble along that O-Line . You got to figure that we've already lost our starting LT and Center to free agency and retirement . We lose our starting RT and we are talking about a totally revamped new line this season .


Yeah i havent heard anything about van zyel being injured either , did just find out Why Carnell got released though and it was cause of elbow injury that requires surgery it seems from his Instagram post

What I have gathered from the press interviews.
Nicked up list includes
Nobody has mentioned Van Zeyl

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Thanks . It seems like the only site reporting on this is 3DN .
Reported in an article that supposedly has anonymous quotes from mystery no name insiders that apparently are in the know about the latest hot button topics in the CFL .

Like I've said before this league sometimes drives me nuts with their lack of clarity when it comes to keeping us the fans informed .


True I've found out more about injuries from a players own social media or from seeing stuff at ticat practices in the past with my own eyes. I knew Laurent was dealing with something since there is training camp photos of him at camp but on the field in casual clothes not his uniform assisting the coaches and its common for injured veterans to help out at practices.

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Very true and John Hodge is located in Winnipeg pretty sure so he wouldn't of seen or heard info first hand about Ticats players .

Not any incentive from a team standpoint to release injury info during training camp. Might make it harder to work a trade if the other teams know how desperate you are. Coach O is relatively forthcoming if asked directly but that's about it.

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No doubt Coach O will say more then other coaches when asked directly about injuries and looks like Van Zeyl may have a hand injury of some sort

Shhhhhhh! :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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i recall some cfl players have played wearing a cast or splint before in the cfl , i can't remember who but i know one or two have in the past

I think @Grover was talking more generically about player's injuries. I recall many years ago that my sister's husband (in St. Catharines) knew Rob Hitchcock from playing industrial league hockey on his team. Due to that friendship, Kent found out Rob's injury status for an upcoming game (I can't remember if he was playing or not, now). Kent told me. I could have shared this information on this forum, but I chose to remain quiet. I don't know if it would have had a negative outcome for the Cats if the opposing team had that advance knowledge I had, but I do know I did not wish to take a chance. You may have gotten your info on Van Zeyl's hand on his social media account, in which case it would be okay to mention it. However, if it was just before an upcoming game and the team and player were silent about his status, it likely would be a good idea not to share the information.

I'm not saying you did anything wrong, far from it. You have an obvious passion for the team. I am asking you, and any true fan, to think before posting possible information that could be used against our team. :+1:


:sunglasses: Probably the most famous player to play with a huge cast on his broken hand was former TiCat All Star DT, Wayne Philbrick !!

That was back in the late 90's. The cast was just huge, and I doubt that the CFL would even allow such a cast in this day and age :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I got the info from a tweet Justin Hodge sent in reply to a fan who asked him on Twitter he likely got the info from Justin Dunk or someone else who has been at training camp. I've found out about other players injuries like Maurice Carnell from his own social media though since Maurice posted a message on Instagram which pics showed his arm/ elbow bandaged and a story saying he was getting surgery Monday so he was released from team due to injury .

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They will allow casts but maybe not super massive ones , in the rule book it says casts / braces are allowed as long as no sharp areas . I found info last night that said Randy Chevier wore a cast for a portion of the 2006 season. Pretty sure I meet Philbrick at the Oct 4th 2019 game .

I totally get what you mean though if someone got info from a player themselves like in a dm before a game that sharing info wouldn't be advisable, I've had info about players recovery progress from injuries before like when Crawford was recovering from his acl tear and when Mike Daly was recovering from shoulder injury which I didn't say anything about till team or media gave a small update


:sunglasses: First off I have to correct myself, it was Mike Philbrick, not Wayne, that wore that massive cast I told you about !!

Wish I could get a picture of that cast, because there is no way the CFL would allow a player to wear such a thing in this day and age !!

You should have attended the 1999 Grey Cup reunion dinner at Tim Hortons Field, back about 1 and a half years ago. What a great evening that was. Mike Philbrick was there and he was a funny guy, constantly riding his old team mate Mike Campbell all evening. Almost the whole 99 team showed up to make it a very
memborable evening.

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It looks like Philbrick lost the cast when he was kissing the Cup :kissing_heart: :trophy: :grinning:

Here's the best pic I could find of Philbrick and his club like cast...