TiCats roster moves vrs MTL

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago
#TIcats move @Mr513RicoMurray to boundary corner, Johnny Sears to halfback. Ed Gainey out. #Als #CFL

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats @CButler28 back on the roster but @DalyNews8 gets start at safety. Likely easing Butler back in (& Daly has played great.) #Als #CFL

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats DE @AGN45 back on the roster as well. Omara, Ellefsen & Gainey off. #Als #CFL

Thanks Grover for the info :thup: but when are you going to post the depth chart ? fast approaching noon, can't wait all day :slight_smile:

I think it's a good move. Gainey wasn't terribly effective on the corner, Sears is good as a HB when healthy, and heck Rico Murray can probably play every position well (okay, maybe not QB or kicker. . . )

Depth Chart here

[url=http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2015/08/26142530/Depth-Chart-Roster-08-27-15-vs-MTL.pdf]http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.co ... vs-MTL.pdf[/url]


Murray and Stewart matched up probably (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) against their top receiver Green. Murray should be okay but I think Green got the best of Stewart a time or two last season.
Breaux Show has mostly been replaced (so far this season) by committee although Washington certainly did a great job before he was injured.

I remember Murray playing CB in 2013, and he did a very admirable job also.

With Butler, Sears Jr. and Gascon Nadon coming in and Gainey, Omara and Ellefesen coming out,
We are fielding a much deeper and better Defensive lineup than last game! :thup:
In the words of the modern philosopher Obie, "Better is Better" :wink: :wink:

Daly should have Butler's job permanently in my opinion. That kid is WAY better.

on the depth chart Joel Figueroa still on the 1 game injured list anybody know what injury he has

Mike Daly is having an impressive season, and has a LOT of promise, but Craig Butler is the true QB of the Defence. He is better in coverage (better DB skills), plays multiple positions (dropped down to SAM LB for a game or 2), and simply has more experience reading Offences.

When Daly gets that experience, he WILL become an EXTREMELY dangerous Safety. He's "only" VERY dangerous right now... lol

its gotta be a tough decision to make for the Coach, they are both good open field tacklers. Daly sure can lay the lumber as well.