TiCats roster moves for @ TOR

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And yet another #Ticats Canadian defensive tackle is on the 6-game: @MikeAtkinson99. That’s four in total.

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With #Ticats Canadian RB Anthony Woodson back on the roster, @Nic_Grigsby5 moves to the PR. #CFL

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#Ticats have added guard Ryan Bomben to the active roster, meaning he could play Friday vs. #Argos. But DB Rico Murray is out. #CFL

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#Argos have put Canadian LB Cory Greenwood on the 6-game. That’s a huge loss going into Friday’s re-match with #Ticats.

TiCats doing walkthru in prep to tomorrows game


Bryan Hall fills out Collaros practice Sweater pretty well!

Wow , that Defensive Line is looking pretty thin depth wise, down to a 6 man unit. We better pray that none of the big men go down with an in game injury or we could be in some trouble upfront. another concern I think could be the secondary with Murray out and an unproven raw rookie in Page in there fresh off the PR. as a backup. I think you could see the Blue team test that side of the field with Gainey and Stewart patrolling over there. It looks like the 46 dictates that the 2 reserves or scratches will be both American,my guess would be Figueroa and Caldwell again.

There is still Canadian DL Everett Ellefsen on the PR who has played in at least 1 game so far this season.

Great to have Bomben back. Any news on some of the guys on the 6 game list as far as return times?

I'm aware of Ellefsen but I'm talking about this immediate game and depth chart at hand. The team could activate him for the next game but being listed at only 233 lbs he would be way to light to play inside at tackle. The team have two other Cdns on their PR who have a little more size to play the interior in 6th round pick Stephen Mawa (6'4"/275 lbs)and also Everton Williams who is the size of a very large tree (6'6"/285 lbs). The only thing is I"m not very sure where they are right now in regards to their development or if the team even considers them to be game ready at this stage. The only other options seem to be imp Drake Nevis who is currently on the 1 gm and activating him could play havoc with the ratio or former 1rst rounder Evan Gill who is questionable being on the 6 gm all season. I'm sure that Austin has got a game plan in place and options available......we'll just have to wait and see how things pan out in the next couple of games.

Wow! Ellefsen is only 233 lbs! Yeesh my wife weighs more than that!

Ellefsen got some playing time late in the game @ Edm, and he can more than handle himself. Joe Montford was only 230.

220-250 is the typical DE size in the CFL, so he certainly isn't smaller than his peers. He's quick also, and was playing sideline to sideline when in on D.

Where have you guys been all these years? Did you just start paying attention to weights now?

LB size in the NFL = DE size in the CFL.

im assuming Woodson over the Great Grigsby is a ratio thing NOT a performance thing?

If you bothered to read my post I stated that at 233lbs Ellefsen is way too light to play at tackle which is where we are thin at the moment in depth.I'm well aware of the fact that Ellefsen is a DE. I've been following this team and league for over 40 years and have probably forgotten more about the team and the league then you know or remember about them. If you were bothering to pay attention then you would know that Mike Atkinson who was just placed on the 6 gm is a DT. Besides in a pinch the team can always play Plesius at DE if need be in an emergency. The problem right now is the depth in the interior of the line where there needs to be more rotation to keep the big boys fresh. Did you just start to pay attention to football recently or are you too preoccupied with important things like bubbles,ad patches and fans staying in their seats while you watch the game on TV :cowboy:

Ah, So what you are saying is my wife can’t play Defensive End, but is the perfect weight to play Defensive Tackle! :wink:

I wasn't referring to your post at all Bobo. You seem to think everything revolves around you, and now you've unwittingly mocked me when I wasn't even referring to you. I was just adding some perspective to Grover's joke.

233lbs is certainly too small for DT, yes. The smallest DT in the CFL right now that I can think of is Eddie Steele @ 270.

I read your comment and agreed with it.

A QB wanna be??? :lol: :lol: They did this last week too - unless this pic is from last week.

Don't tell CFF but Hall has a rip in his track pants :oops: .....very unprofessional :lol:

And here a few months ago I was wondering why there seemed to be a stockpile of players on the DL. Wonder if someone had a crystal ball and knew the team would need all that depth :wink: .

However, agree that we don't need ANY more injuries on the DL - or anywhere else on the team for that matter! Having five games over 3 and a half weeks in August has certainly left the team banged up.

I believe that you are correct - allows the team to use an American player elsewhere. Woodson certainly played well enough when he had to jump in after Gable was hurt too. I'm sure he won't have any problem going up against his old team :smiley: .

Here is your answer

By Drew Edwards
[b]During the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' final on-field session before the Labour Day Classic, defensive tackle Bryan Hall wore the gold practice jersey belonging to quarterback Zach Collaros. The next day, Collaros strafed the Argos for 400 yards and four touchdowns in a 42-12 victory.

Not a coincidence, says Hall.

"Zach had a hell of game once I blessed myself into his jersey," Hall said Thursday, as he once again sported the rather snug-fitting No. 4. "I don't think he washes it all. I think he just lets my man-sweat of greatness soak into his jersey, then he goes out and plays great."

Collaros, Hall's man-sweat and the rest of the Ticats travel to Toronto on Friday for the backside of a home-and-home set, trying to accomplish something that's proven historically difficult to do: sweep both games.[/b]

The two teams have performed the Labour Day duo a half-dozen times since 2005 and the Ticats have yet to win both games: they've split the series three times and been swept on three other occasions. Hamilton is hardly alone: leaguewide, sweeps in back-to-back games only happens about 30 per cent of the time.

During Kent Austin's tenure, however, the Ticats have been mostly excellent in back-to-back games against the same opponent. They've been swept once, split once and delivered both wins three times — including a pair of must-win games against Montreal at the tail end of last season.

"We don't put a lot of focus on the other team, we try and monitor our expectations of our football team," the Ticat head coach/GM said. "We know the level we are capable of playing and we'll monitor that more than intensity of the other team.

"Players will naturally respond to (the intensity)."

Having been embarrassed on Labour Day, the Argos will be supremely motivated to not only restore their pride, but regain a share of the East Division lead. Hamilton already owns the season series between the two clubs, so Toronto can hardly afford to fall two games behind in the standings.

"Defensively, we definitely let them off the hook with a few things," said Toronto defensive end Ricky Foley. "If we had of watched the film and been like 'these guys just whupped us' and there was nothing we could do to stop it, that's a problem.

"After we watched the film, we realized that a lot of it was us."

Monday's affair was a chippy one with 31 total penalties called, included nine for unnecessary roughness, and the teams combined for another 30 during their first matchup in August (also a Ticat victory). As Labour Day slipped away, the Argos tried to get under Hamilton's skin, but Austin said his team has to be more disciplined.

"We talked about it right after the game. We don't want to be that team," Austin said. "We want to be a team that plays hard, plays aggressive, plays physical, but plays between the whistles and doesn't get caught up in those types of things."

Still, Austin acknowledges there's a fine line between protecting your teammate — as the Ticats were doing when they took three unnecessary roughness penalties after one play in the third quarter on Monday — and taking foolish flags.

"Listen, I was an emotional player and we understand as coaches that if something happens, it's hard not to retaliate," Austin said. "The most important thing is that the initial action should be curbed, so we don't have to worry about the subsequent action."

With the Ticats facing back-to-back games on short rest against a divisional opponent in desperation mode, it would be easy for Hamilton to let up just a little. The man in the golden jersey says that's not happening.

"We can make all the excuses in the world not to play well, but that's not what we do," Hall said. "We're looking forward to it."


Not that there was anything particularly insightful being shown in your photo, we ask visitors to our practices not to use their cameras. Not even the press.

Other CFL teams monitor these forums and other social media outlets just in case they see something, or someone in a position on the field, that our coaching staff would rather not have the opposition know about before the game.


Apologies Caretaker, won't happen again! :oops: