Ticats Roster Battles

Just for fun

  1. Who will win the starting QB job?
    Masoli or Evans ?


2 Starting import receivers ?

Banks, Tucker, J. Marshall, Acklin, Posey, Dunbar, Duhart, Addison, Cam Phillips.

Banks, Acklin, Posey, Addison, Phillips

Tucker practice Roster

  1. Starting left tackle ?
    Tate, Dill, Powers


Powers - practice roster

  1. Starting middle linebacker ?
    Chris Frey? Santos-Knox

Knox backup

  1. Starting SAM Linebacker?

Beverette, T Robinson, Patrick Nelson, Kameron Kelly

Kameron Kelly
Beverette backup
Nelson Practice roster

  1. Starting boundary corner ( Delvin Breaux replacement).
    Rolle, Stribling, T. Robinson, Kam Kelly

Rolle backup
Stribling practice roster

  1. Wide side DE

Howsare, Mauldin, Mason Bennett

Howsare backup

I thought I would pick some upsets .
Most of these picks could take until mid season to happen as it is safer to start players like Rolle, Beverette ,Santos- Knox and Tucker who have CFL starting experience especially with no pre season exhibition games. .

I have no idea who our kickers(s) will be .
Can't they call Medlock ? :slight_smile:

Mason Bennett, Katsantonis, and Burt , will be big time specialty team players and situational players.

Oskie Wee Wee

i am going out on a limb and calling for RB Byron Marshall to jump above Don Jackson as top import RB.

Malek Irons will push STE at national RB but STE will prevail.

lol no way Mauldin is starting at DE over Howsare

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You might be right Ticatsfan94.

Mauldin is a former 3rd round NFL pick of the NY Jets and is a beast who has played in a fare amount of NFL games and is likely stronger and faster but Howsare has the experience ..
I like Howsare but I think Mauldin has more upside .

wrong there is a reason Mauldin was backing up Laurent for most of 2019 and Howsare starting At DE . Mauldin isn't good at pass rushing at DE .

Davis sack eastern final Mauldin was at NT here

Mauldin is way too small to play in the middle along with Laurent or Wynn. Mauldin is a pure pass rusher and a DE. He could be an outside linebacker in the NFL like J'Gared Davis would be if he tried to crack an NFL roster .

That picture was likely a 2knd and long where they threw Mauldin out there for additional.
Mauldin never played a regular DT. That would only happen if Laurent or Wynn was injured during the game .

I don't know about Mauldin being too small . He's listed at 6'4" 259 lbs .
If you recall a few years back we had a guy here during the June Jones era named Nikita Whitlock who played in the middle of the line and was listed at only 5'10" 250 lbs . So by comparison Mauldin has 6 inches in height and around 10 extra lbs or maybe more than Whitlock had (assuming the roster stats are accurate) .


Whitlock the human wrecking ball. He had to be the only guy to play fullback and defensive tackle.

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Yup , he was only here for two years but he was fun to watch . Well fun on defence that is and on specials , not so much on offence though . If I remember correctly that 2 way experiment was short lived after he showed a penchant for dropping the rock a few times .

For whatever reason he was released by the team just prior to the opening of training camp in 2019 after signing a 2 year extension on his contract . The last I heard about Whitlock he was playing for the Tampa Bay Vipers in the ill fated XFL and is currently out of football as of this post .


Not much in the way of hands, but full out in the excitement factor. He made some hits on special teams that probably made guys rethink their career choices.


Just as a follow up on if Mauldin is too small to play at tackle , the recently retired Brett Wade was listed at 6'1" and 270 lbs .

That would make him 3 inches shorter than Mauldin and only 11 lbs heavier . Keeping in mind of course if the stats are accurate or are off by an inch or two and a pound or so .

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Yup . He reminded me of a little sparkplug out there . There was definitely no off switch on his motor . He went full tilt boogie on every play . :grinning:


Actually he backed up Laurent in 2019 for 90% of the season. Mcgough was one of the main Back up DE in 2019

Yeah Mauldin isn't small and I have mutiple pics from 2019 of him backing up Laurent and seen with my own eyes that his 3 Sacks happened as back up NT not at DE

Pretty sure for the most part stats are accurate, more likely for teams to get a birthday totally wrong then height and weight . Some heights could be off by a inch or so though