Ticats Rookies to watch out for so far

I can say that it appears the Ticats have done some pretty good scouting down south.

Chris Frey was a standout at linebacker at Michigan State a fine football team and looks like a beast on youtube.It would seem he could more likely be candidate for MLB or WIL and likely not SAM. I think at a minimum he could be great addition to special teams. He could be a surprise starter.

RB/ WR Dontre WIlson out of Ohio State looks like a potential star. He excelled at rb and wr at a top program school. I predict that he makes the roster. He seems like cross between Earl Winfield and SpeedyB. He runs with his head up looking for blocking and holes. Check all these guys on youtube.

WR Andrew Turzilli is 6 foot 4 from rutgers and looks great on youtube. Has bounced around the NFL a bit

OT Vinston Painter 6 feet 4 318 pounds drafted in 6th round of 2013 nfl draft has played in over 20 NFL games playing for 4 teams. Will likely make the team possibly as a starter

DE Tobena Okeke Fresno State He played under Orlondo being Head Coach. He seems wee suited for the CFL and too small for the NFL…Will have an edge as Orlondo knows what he can do. He could bump Howsare and maybe Tracy

RB Ray Lawry shattered rushing records at old dominion. looks good on youtube. Will really have to shine to beat out Cameron Marshall as backup to Alex Green

WR Cam Echols-Luper --went 3 universities and looks good on youtube but he could be an odd man out considering the wealth in young talent coming in at WR

DB Trey Dempsey North Dakota State - eye popping stats 16 interception in 59 games and 195 tackles…someone to keep an eye on

WR Jaelon Acklin - 6 feet 2 and fast western illinois–Has carried the ball a bunch of times.I`d rank him as the 2knd best younger new receiver behind Dontre Wilson and ahead of Andrew Turzilli and Echols Luper

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