Ticats Robbed by a fan and the Argos

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We saw the nefarious felon being taken back to stadium in cuffs, in the company of two officers of the local constabulary and a member of the team staff carrying the evidence. Certainly he spent the night in Gaol.

The article failed to mention which team was robbed of the helmet....not that it matters much because theft is theft...

Like taking money off the fans for these pitiful performances, Mikey?

It was a Cat helmet.
As he was lead past by the cops more than a few fans commented on his mental state!

Why, I'd bet he could get a few hundred bucks for it. You gotta watch your underwear these days.

Which should just about cover his fine.. :lol:

true..maybe he's a die hard fan who made an error in judgement. He probably wanted a piece of the team in some symbolic way, so it was an act that I can take some strange empathy with.

Now if it had been an Argo Helmet, that would have been looked on differently.

Sorry..I have no empathy for thieves....there are too many good Ticats fans out there who bid honestly for Ticats memorabilia.....you don't steal directly off your team !! ----end of story----

Can't disagree with you there mikey, considering we vote them into office all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was noted as Chang's helmet. If you read the article in the Spec. on Monday, you will notice that they misquoted from this website. They gave the "no empathy for thieves" quote to Ticatsgrr8 instead of Mikey.

Really?..I didn't see the paper yesterday.

But that's good since 'Ticatsgrr8' had actually said he does have empathy for the thief, the Spectator 'adjusted' his attitude for him.... :wink:

The world works! :lol:

The man ws very pleased with himself. He told everyone he stole it and that it was Chang's helmet. His face was classic when the cops grabbed him.

mikey that should have been your username in the spec,i still think your a celebrity since your quote made the spec autograth mikey?? :wink:

You are still a clown Dylan ! :lol:

Shouldn't you be down to the beach or something today?.....git!! 8)

Fan nabbed in theft of Chang helmet

The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 9, 2007)

A sticky-fingered football fan was arrested Saturday night in connect- ion with the theft of quarterback Timmy Chang's helmet.

Police responded to a call around 10 p.m. after the Tiger-Cats' 30-5 home-opening loss to the Toronto Argos.

"Apparently after the game the helmet was left accessible to a fan who took it," said east-end Staff Sergeant Glenn Bullock, who couldn't say how the helmet was nabbed. The man left the stadium with it and was spotted by an off-duty officer working at the game and arrested.

Fans discussing the theft online on a Ticat chat room described seeing the man being led back into Ivor Wynne in handcuffs, accompanied by officers and a stadium staff member who was holding the helmet.

The man was charged with possession of stolen property and theft under $5,000. He was released that night to appear in court later.

One fan signed on as Ticatsgrr8 wrote: "There are too many good Ticat fans out there who bid honestly for Ticats memorabilia. You don't steal directly off your team. End of story."

Source: http://www.thespec.com/article/216943