Ticats, Riders Injury Reports: Bo Levi Mitchell limited on Tuesday

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Saskatchewan Roughriders have filed their first injury reports of the week ahead of their meeting on Saturday.

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So the big question is
Is Bo a real threat or is his best days behind him?
Inquirering minds want to know
Rider fans hope NO
CAT fans hope YES

It is my hope that Bo has a bit left in the tank, I have to place some faith in the Hamilton organization that they checked out his health status before signing him. He has simply had bad luck this year, with two long term injuries. Let’s hope he can help the Cats make this a year for all of Hamilton to remember!


I hope that happens too… long suffering fan here too … empathetic to your plight.
Just not this weekend please :pray:

I think CGY answered that question last year.
IMO our Riders should be more wary of Shiltz.


Bo showed very little in his few games. Another poor performance and he will be looking for another team next year. However don’t think he gets his chance this week , as he is still listed as limited so expecting Shiltz to start as he won last week and has full mobility. If Cats lose and second place gets further away only then will Bo get another chance and if Shiltz loses.

Personally, I think he’s pretty much done. If he doesn’t retire this year then for sure next year.

So the Cats defence gave up 1 TD to BC and zero to the Stamps . The SASK offence does not impress . Coach Washington will have our guys ready and pumped . I’m looking forward to Saturday night in Regina if Cogeco can get their sh** together . We’ve had 6 days of scrambled reception from the LOCAL guy CORY .

Well wrong on that one ! I guess Cats want to see what they got and if he has had a good week of practice time to get the # 1 in there. Shiltz is ready but think Bo will get a long look before a mid game change.

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I hope he doesn’t get injured again, but it’s football.

I don’t see why any team would want him next year, but who knows?

Well who knows maybe he spent the last few weeks actually really working on traing and core muscles

Wouldn’t it be a storybook ending to a great CFL legend’s career if he were to lead the TiCats to a Grey Cup championship at Tim Horton’s this year. I’d love to see Bo Levi win one more title to wrap up his incredible CFL career.

Given that he’s from around Houston, Texas, I’d love nothing more to see our local legend make history to wrap up what has been a legendary football life that started with his Katy (TX, USA) Tigers winning a State Championship.

Here’s a big Oskie Wee Wee from a longtime CFL fan from Texas. Eat ‘em up Tigers (TiCats)!

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