Ticats, Riders Injury Report: Morrow limited on Mon.

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have shared their injury report ahead of their game on Friday against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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Sask fans, if you win Friday night, you clinch a playoff berth.

Actually a cross-over berth (consolation position)! No cross-over team has every made it thru to the Grey cup since it's inception! Good luck!

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If you apply "The Law of Averages" :thinking: the Riders may have a chance to upset the Als or my hometown :anchor: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Note: I fully endorse the CFL's crossover :bangbang: It's always better to be in the dance rather than being on the golf course. :football: :canada: Go Riders Go.


Not quite true. If Sask wins they are only up by 6 points. If Hamilton wins out and the Riders loss both their remaining games, Hamilton gets the playoff berth. Sask's wins over Hamilton mean nothing for the crossover.

The only thing a Saskatchewan win over Hamilton might do is generate team confidence for the games against a much stronger Calgary

Riders are down to their 4th string RB. This should be interesting. Their FBs are good though

A Rider win over Hamilton is a must if Riders participate in the eastern playoffs. How would it look if they lost and yet replaced Hamilton in the eastern playoffs!