1 . I don’t think Glenn can take us to the GREY CUP . He never seems to be able to come through when the game is on the line . All we needed was a field goal to tie the game and he could n’t move the
Ball. Also , the last 2 years playoff games he also choked .

  1. We should not have let go of Arland as we need his veteran presence , big play ability , and of course the confidence he gave Glenn.

  2. Rey Williams has been awesome . this guy is fast , strong, mean and intimidating ..wow ..Maybe a CFL all star this year at MLB

  3. Both our corners have been big surprises …Hinds is aratio buster and playing great and the Young has also been lights out .

  4. Bo Smith seems improved but he seems to be getting burned too much and also gets too many interference calls . I think we should replace him as he is the weak linik in the secondary .

  5. I think Stevie BAGGS is playing a great all around game …very fast and he catches running back from behind and chases qb’s to cause rushed passes .All our 3 linebackers are good at that as well.

7 I think we need to get another Canadian receiver to replace Carter ..He doesn’t run good routes , he is not reliable and not tough ….He has size that’s it and ok hands ..
8 Our receivers are too young and inexperienced at this point . Williams losing the ball in the endzone would not happen to a veteran . We should get Mann or Mcdaniel in there just for some experience
Replacing KELLY or Grant for now …

9 I think we need to use Thigpen more on screen plays or reverses and also Williams ….we can do a lot with these two guys ..
10 I think the Offensice line has been great ..Maybe the best in the CFL this year ….
11. Our Defensive tackles have been decent thus far especially canadian Steele.
12 . the decision to employ an extra linebacker in Dennison on likely running plays against the argos was brilliant and was a big reason why BOYD did not have a lot of runs of more than 5 yards

Overall I hope we can bring some new DB's in here to replace Bo ..and maybe a new non import receiver or two ...to replace CARTER ...and hope giguerre and Mcintyre come back :slight_smile:

I also think Glenn has to get out of the pocket more ..too many times he was hidden behind the lineman with bomber very close to hm whic is very unproductive as he can easily be sacked, stripped or have his pass blocked ...he either needs to back up or get mobiole ..he is too short to be a pocket passer ....i know Dieter Brock was short and not mobile but he had a cannon of an arm and great receievers and a good oline

OOPS forget a few points :

The defenvie co-ordinator has done a great job Chamblin
Khari jones has been doing better than Gibson
Chis Willliams looks like a great speed threat
Kelly and B . Grant look like they will be good but just when
Quinton Porter has been great in short yardage plays
Avon has been great in teh red zone and on plays that we 2 or 3 yards for a first down and opposition knows we are running. Overall he has been a warrior but hasn't had many big plays but an improvement and he is good on passes out of the backfield and a good blocker .
Marcel still seems to get outcoached after half time ..once again in WPG

I don't agree with you on Glenn. In this game, he was leading the team up the field near the end of the game when a procedure call on Jimenez followed by a PI non-call stopped the drive. The pass to Kelly, had he been allowed to catch it, would have given them a first down. And even if he hadn't been able to advance the ball any more than that, they would have been well inside Medlock's range. I realize that it seems a lot of games end up with him throwing a pick (it would be interesting to actually know how many), but that is probably just the result of trailing in a close game with very little time on the clock and the need to advance the ball faster than usual. (It would also be interesting to see this stat on other quarterbacks in similar situations.) So the key here is not that he isn't able to finish a game, but that the team isn't able to put opponents away early.

Arland who? Actually, I like the way 'Stala's Kids" are playing. And if Mann hadn't cut his heel the day of the Bruce trade, he'd be out there with Stala in that veteran stabilizing role. And Glenn seems fairly confident with the "kids", although he occasionally seems to be on a different page. And Bruce wasn't catching that many early this year, so where was that confidence then?

I'm thinking that Smith appears to be getting burned so much because he is often going against the opposing teams' top receivers. I'd rather have him in coverage than Shivers. But totally agree about Hinds and Young.

It seems that they are starting to use Carter more than Stala lately. Is Stala hurt?

Fumbles happen. Remember that McDaniel lost the ball in the EDSF last year near the end of the game.

The rest of your point? Pretty good summary, IMO.

I would suggest that by September 12th we will know what kind of team we have. The biggest games of the year are the next two.

Pressure from the d-line has been inconsistent which in turn has shown our inexperience/problems at db in my opinion.

Either we get serious pressure from the d-line/Lb blitzes or Mr. Cavillo will put us into third place for the remainder of the year.

Personally I think Kevin Glenn has played well along with the young receivers. Medlock has been outstanding

The Hamilton Tiger Cats remain a .500 team or worse.

Another ho hum season.

Yeah, I dont think they can take that next step beyond .500 as they are currently structured. At least a “killer instinct” would be a start. “ho hum” says it all.

C+ with a 500 Record I am Grading on a Curve.

We let too many close games get away
too many Mistakes on both sides of the ball
when teams has play well there lights out
but they don't do it game in and Game out like Montreal Calgary do


Chamblin I believe will make an excellent coach one day but he is still a rookie and is learning. I like his attitude and work ethic but he has still been outcoached by more experienced and knowledgeable Offensive Coordinators and QBs like in the Calgary or Edmonton games. But in time he will shape this defense into the most feared in the CFL.

The team is inconsistent, and is undisciplined at times taking needless penalties at crucial times. The plays need to play within themselves and quit the hot dogging. I like our receiver core, including the rookies. When these guys have a couple of years experience in them, assuming we have a QB who can deliver, we are going to be a good team.

Not really happy with the defense. We still give up too many yards, let teams come back for quick scores in crucial times and really dont have enough sacks, or pressure with all our blitzes. The blitz package need to have multiple looks, and in some instances, give the blitz look but drop back. Too many easy reads for a good QB.

Still waiting for this team to breakout and show the fans that want to perform. Playing 500 ball is not an option to me.

First 2 games "D"
Next 4 Games "B"
Last 2 Games "C+"
Overall at this point at 4 and 4, a "C"
Next 3 Games will show what we are!

.500 = 50% = unaceptable.
If your kids came home with that on a report card you'd be banging your head & giving them a lecture.
You wouldn't make excuses for them either, which MB continues to do.

Until this team gains a "HAVE TO WIN" attitude they are a "C" at best.....maybe even a D when you consider they are holding a similar record to be compared to the previous 2 FY's.

Nuff said. :cowboy:

The very essence of being a fan of sports team is witnessing and cheering them them climb slowly to the top eg: The Toronto Blue Jays when they won the World Series.....it was almost anti-climatic after they got there...the fun was the 3-4 years leading up to it.

Inconsistency is many times blamed on the team you are following when in fact it just means the competition is equal to you and sometimes, it (the opposing team) wins the day.......that's why they play the games...the uncertainty of it all is the exciting factor to me..... 8)

Close games are exciting when I'm watching all the other CFL games. When the Cats are playing I want a nice big lopsided crushing and complete annihilation of the opponent.

My major concern lies with the team's game attitude. I think the pieces are in place for a good team, but until they get a "killer attitude", especially when holding a lead, they will be a .500 team. Too many let-downs at the wrong time in the game.