TiCats release Sam Scott

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TRANSACTION: The #Ticats have released international defensive end Sam Scott.

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Release of DE Sam Scott a strong indicator that #Ticats excellent pass rusher @ENorwood40 is good to go vs. #Riders. #CFL

Norwood is not ready. Or, at least he’s not playing this week. He was taken off the 6-Game early and, with the depth chart now published, he’s been put on the 1-game injured list.

...but the current roster shows him still on the 6 game. It also shows Caldwell, McDuffie, Murray, Stephen, and Woodson on the 1 game. I guess that shows that updating the roster on the website is not a high priority for the team. Perhaps they are concentrating on winning a football game? If so, I will accept, with hope, the non updating of the website. :wink:

8) I don't care who is replacing Scott, or not !!
   Second time he has been released in the last 3 weeks, that tells the story !!

    The guy was completely NON effective in his 2 starts and deserves to be cut !!  Doesn't take a genius to see this fact !!!

Released at the end of training camp but brought back the following day after Norwood had his "domestic accident" and Tracy was unavailable to play (placed on the 1 game). He fulfilled a need but with Norwood's imminent return next week and Tracy available again, his release is not surprising. Football is a business and not always a pleasant one.