Ticats Release Quinnie

The transactions page on ticats.ca indicates that the Ticats released wide receiver Willie Quinnie today.

Perhaps he'll go to Winnipeg?

B.C. fans are asking for a new kick returner....

BC called about him earlier in the season as they wanted to make a trade for him. If they want him now they can have him without giving anything up for him.

How do people find out about these things ???

Big big mistake. This guy has potential to spare and could've been groomed to assume #1 status in a year or two. Also, during that dismal losing streak, he was one of the few Cats to show some gonads.

Better for us Argo fans though.

An Argo fan

He showed promise but he also had a bad habit of dropping the ball (2 games in a row on returns, can’t recall previous games).

Not much point in having a great return then coughing it up to the other team :slight_smile:

We are overstocked with players who return kicks with Corey Holmes
re-signed and the addition of Jesse Lumsden and Khalil Hill.


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Boo Hoo for me.

Hooray for the posters who were annoyed by my "poem-like" posts.

His fumbling made the decision easy shouldnt come as a suprise even without factoring in the Hottie.

i honestly likes willie, i liked how he was enthousiatic about playing and how he was always pumped up after and before a play, he reminded me of kwame cavil i wish he coulda stuck around but learned how to hold the ball better or closer to his body lol

was inevitable that he would be released or traded...there was just too many other people that could replace him as a kick returner...and the fumblitis didn't help his chances either...he had a lot of energy and passion but it just wasn't the right fit here in hamilton for him anymore...He would not be starting WR or even back-up, his best assest was his ability to return kicks and when there are better players that can do that job, he became expendable...sad to see a player with as much energy as him go and I hope he catches on somewhere else in this league.

Quinnie had to go he has good north south speed but his zig zag abilities were lacking . sure he made some nice returns but ididn't think he could ever go all the way . fowlkes shows some incredible moves to avoid tacklers without hesitation .