Ticats release Knowlton

From Drew Edwards blog:

"The Ticats have released Markeith Knowlton, a former CFL player of the year.
He was trying to make the move from wide side to short side linebacker.
The move comes the same day the Argos released LB Brendan Isaac, who played for Ticats DC Orlondo Steinauer last season. Isaac could be on his way to Hamilton."

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2013/07/ticats-have-released-markeith-knowlton.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2013/ ... wlton.html[/url]

just read via scratching post the cats released markeith knowlton. Is this being served as a wake up call to the other players i cant realyy see any other way. With the young guys on this team we need as many vets as possible

Many thanks for all you've done...Markeith

you have brought a smile to many of our faces with your play..

the Magical Mystery Tour moves on..

re build.... repeat slowly... re---build

I'm not surprised. Knowlton was looking really slow.

time to bring in Isaacs right?


Somebody is smoking crack, more salary dumping :cowboy: this team is totally screwed up and they have the nerve to call and leave me a message for 2014 renewal ?! Tim Hortans field what you want a deposit Bob a year in advance for a tier 2 seat stick it where the sun don't shine!!!!

You know he'll probably be picked up, I think Skatch will be thinking long and hard, maybe not so long. :cowboy:

Public Service Announcement: Smoking crack can lead you to thinking everything's a salary dump.

Winnipeg could be a landing spot as well.

If you watch the film of the Saskatchewan game . You will see that the majority of the riders ploys on
offence target our linebackers . Knowlton was out of position often. He was also late getting to the quarterback
when he blitzed. After watching the game I came away with the opinion that our linebackers are not as good
as people think.

Buddy how is asking for a deposit for my tier 2 seats a year ahead of T, H. FIeld? THey have dumped many Vetrans that have played better and have helped other teams what do you say about AB3 and how he helped BC turn around and win the Cup EH smart A$$ :roll:

There's no way they play at Tim Horton's Field next year.

Tier 2, 2015.

30 year old veteran?

No role for him on this inexperienced, and mistake prone defense?

Even if he’s lost a step, you can’t put him in back up or ST role, where he can mentor and teach all those rookies?

Who is gonna take his spot? Another unproven rookie?

I dunno…

We need help in the middle more. Love Jamall, but he needs to be put back to his natural position. That would put Knowlton back in his regular spot.

Get a middle linebacker first.

We don't know the inner workings of the club ... perhaps they are making room for Plessius or Bowman ... someone said Isaac may be headed here.

Disappointing to see a veteran go out on someone else's terms buth sh*t happens, especially when you are not winning.

Burris was MOP in 2010 and was here in 2012 ... sometimes it makes no sense to the average fan.

We are however missing a true MLB.

Im in shock. Not happy at this at all. They played him out of his natural position all year, then release him! Like I said im in Shock! I like to take the time to thank Markeith for everything he did for the Tiger-Cats, he was always a stand up player and more then that a stand up Guy. We had lots of interactions at practice's and always treated the fans with respect and knew there names. I miss him both on and off the field! Most disappointing news Ive heard this season!

I don’t know to be honest but the defence didn’t look too good last game.

This is the CFL, the quickest gridiron league on the planet, you lose a step you can’t rely on simple brute force to keep a roster spot where with an extra down there is more brute running. Speed and more importantly quickness is the main factor.

Wonder who will step up and take over the role as team barber now?

Wow I am in shock. Just pure shock.