TiCats release Kenton Keith

Can't say I'm surprized, considering he was injured most of his time in steeltown and De'Andra was clutch.

I laughed when I saw this on TSN. I didn't even realize he was still signed with a team. :lol:

You got to pay Cobbs with something... you can't have his backup making 3 times his salary.


Here's some feedback on Keith's history and example as posted by me in the Ti-Cats forum for those of you curious.

He's a great example of a revolving door player between leagues, for better and for worse, as well as what the NFL looks for in backs now.

Also I believe given the feedback in the article that 1000-yd backs in the CFL in my view are slightly better than most peer 1000-yd backs in the NFL yard-for-yard until one gets to perhaps the more elite 1500-yard with 4.3 yards per carry level in the NFL with solid hands to boot. Please read the posting first if you have a different view on that point before chomping at the bit to rebut it.

i got to be honest, the revolving door on uch things does cofuse me. thankyou for giving props to CFL backs. i thought you were going to go off about the one plus one option year again... heehehe.

it seems to me, when players go to the NFL, its a struggle for them to make it back up the ladder again in the CFL. Keith is an example. Printers had a long climb back. Slot back for calgary, cant recall his name, went to toronto after the NFL and was released. i find it a little frustrating when a one time great player comes back, and is like a rookie all over again.

dudes 30 years old and hasnt been the same since he played for the rough riders.

im not surprised at all. im actually surprised it took this long.

this is what happens in the salary cap world, players who refuse to take pay cuts and players who are older and injury prone... BUH AND BYE.

Ha ha don't provoke me again on that 1+1 matter, but good to see some fans are growing weary of that also opinion I have ranted about here repeatedly like probably some others. :lol: At least some are reading with some interest whether or not they agree. :thup: At least they understand the argument against the 1+1.

Also as another prop for most CFL backs is that they have on average fewer chances to have carries anyway than their NFL counterparts due to fewer average downs per possession anyway, so no doubt in my mind along with the point I made on the additional defender that 1000 yards in the CFL exceeds 1000 yards in the NFL for the most part.

Note however that one factor in favour of a few NFL backs is for those who manage to gain such yardage even including multiple games against "BIG BUTT BEEF" defenses with often two massive 320+ specials at DT plugging up 4 gaps such that these defenses with a solid strong safety are more like 4-4s against the run.

Examples include Pittsburgh with undersized SS Polamalu running effectively a 3-5 or 4-4, Minnesota with its 4-3, and Baltimore running effectively a 4-4 with undersized Ed Reed playing strong often as well.

NFL backs gaining 1000 yards who have had to face any of those teams twice I would vote in favour of compared to their CFL counterparts.

Not surprised with this decision as since he has come back it has been a failure.

KK will be a smaller failure when he re-signs for less $$$.

Marc Boerigter?

I see your point, but look at Dave Dickenson. He went down to San Diego, and came back up here and played great until concussions ruined his career. Of course, there is always an exception to the rule.

yeah, it was M.B. good call. i know its not an exact rule, just something i noticed on occasion. Maybe the larger field means you have to be able to run more and they luze that in the NFL. who Knows. like you said, some come back to the CFL and play awesome. guess its a situational thing.

i sometimes wonder if the Huge running back of the NFL would werk in the CFL. they run over people big time, but in the CFL the DBs come up more and take out your ankles. i think Ricky williams is an example of this, although hes not a Real big Back.

Interestingly, the NFL in the last few seasons has been moving away from the bigger backs as ball carriers as well except for some in goal line and short yardage situations. Even Lendale White now with Seattle has slimmed down from near 240 to 218 at the last report. I don't see such big backs making sense now in the CFL either given the spec's for the quality backs already in the league.

Above this recent trend, note that the track record for running backs over 230 lbs since about 1970 in the NFL has been that of a rather low percentage to be feature players considering all the ball-carrying running backs drafted or signed of at least that weight since 1970. Why is it the case with only about a dozen names a friend and I could come up with though including a few Hall of Famers?

Well one possible explanation is that at 230 or more there is just more of the player to tackle and the defenses have only gotten faster since the late 1970s with the next stage up in the late 1980s.

This is also why once a back is over 6-1 their stock goes down as well, and once a back hits 230 they are knocked down even when they have amazing 4.50 speed for such size. Slower than that fine time at such size and the scouts will ask, "Well can he play block and catch okay?"

For modern exceptions and examples with big backs in the NFL who play on at least two downs it remains to be seen if starters Brandon Jacobs at 6-4 264 and Michael Turner at 5-10 244, who have beaten extreme odds drafted in the 4th round in 2005 and 5th round in 2005 respectively to even be still in the league much less starters, make comebacks from injuries to be in feature form for another season.

Let's note that Ricky Williams listed at 5-10 230 is a rare exception as a big back as well who I have to agree with others probably saved himself valuable miles by taking time off from football despite the four seasons it took him to return to feature form. We'll see this season if his feature form last season, which had not been seen since his star year in 2002, can be extended.

Paolo, don't forget Jerome Bettis. I know he's a few years into retirement, but he is probably the best "big" back in last 25 or so years in the NFL. He has the fifth most rushing yards of all time after all. Just thought I'd bring him up, as he might be the prime example of a bog back succeeding in the NFL.

One of Obie's few mistakes as Ti cats G.M. IMHO.

Thats right, Few.The only ones I can think of are the Zeke Moreno trade and MAYBE the Rodriguez trade but thats only if we don’t sign Chris Williams who was the centerpiece in this deal.Obie’s done a damn fine job, I salute him. :rockin:

the Rodriguez trade confused me as well.

i was thinking about the big back thing only since i was watching NFL network and they had a a special specificly about the dominant large backs in NFL history. It was a little like propaganda, showing how awesome they all were. but thats what made me curious about possibly using them in the CFL. But i think someone would have tried it if it would have a possible chance if working. I was thinking maybe marshal from edmonton, a few years ago now. I think maybe Chief would remember him. hated watching him run over my Stamps all the time.

Champ, the Moreno deal landed us Corey Mace, who was the main component of the Arland Bruce trade. I'll take Bruce for Moreno any day.

bruce might be the best player to show up for the cats in a long time.

It took this long because he needed to be CLEARED fit to play... you can`t release someone who is injured!

No argument here!!!