TiCats Release Goof Tisdale

A stunning move - - stunning in the sense that it took Shovelface so long to realize how totally useless Tisdale is.

Can't wait to see who the next sucker is to go rummaging through the scrap heap and offer him a contract.

Barker the Hutt will sign him for the Argosnots.

And deal him to the Riders.

You seem pretty obsessed with all things Riders...just saying.

That was actually a brilliant suggestion by the John for Toronto to sign Tisdale - - he'd be great trade bait for Barker. Look at the rubbish Barker's dumped on Regina over the past year and a half...

Dumps a concussion prone MLB with admitted mental health issues in exchange for the Riders top Canadian.

Dumps an OLineman who was planning to retire in exchange for a 4th round pick.

Dumps a no-talent OLineman who won't play for anyone outside of Ontario in exchange for the Riders prized off season FA signing whom they've already paid over half his salary and it's only Week 3.

Barker could probably get a 2nd round pick from the Riders in exchange for Goof Tisdale.

How is Munroe working out?

Your obsession is more than a little creepy

You really need to grow up with these juvenile names for players. You are showing the maturity of a 7 year old

About as well as Jarriel King is working out in Regina.

Actually, Monroe isn't costing the Argos anything but the Riders are paying King to do nothing - - so that's another win for Barker.

You are claiming that trading a player who is still on a roster for one who retired is a win? This is one of the stupidest things you have ever said, which is saying a lot.