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The youth movement in Hamilton appears to have taken another step forward with news the Tiger-Cats have released two more veterans.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, the Tiger-Cats have released defensive tackle Roger Dunbrack and offensive lineman Pascal Cheron.

We Knew Pascal was looking at Retirement
Still Another Vet Gone :frowning:

This is not new news.

Dunbrack has been on the free agent board at cfl.ca forever and it was already in the spec months ago that he was gone.

Cheron we knew about cuz it said in the Specs months ago that he was likely to retire.

There are only two players left on our roster over 30 years old.
George Hudson and Frank Murphy are 31.

There are also five 30 year-olds on the team.

I guess Obie learned never to trust anyone over 30.

Oskee wee wee

Tony Miles isn't over 30?

Tony Miles turns 30 on May 16th, at the start of training camp.

I wish him many happy returns (for touchdowns?)

I didn't know Frank Murphy was 31. A "grizzled vet," or "not a lot of gas left in the tank?" We'll see.

Clinton Wayne
John Williams
Pat Woodcock
Jason French
and Matt Robichaud are all 30+

Yes, there are also five 30 year-olds along with the two 31 year-olds on today’s roster.

Pat Woodcock turns 31 on April 27 and Clinton Wayne turns 31 on May 17.

Right now there are only 2 OVER thirty on the roster.

PS - Good luck to Dunbrack and Cheron

Dumping Cheron and Dunbrack were good moves IMO.

Both of these players are past their respective primes and in the case of Cheron, he was out for several games last year due to injury. Too bad! He was a good one, but time has caught up with him.

Dunbrack is and always will be a back up and younger players of his calibre and better shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Funny how another Person in My Goodbye Video Bites
The Dust .. Scary Eh :lol:
So Far these People are Gone:
Nate Curey
Brock Ralph
Marcel D
Pascal C.
Craig Smith
Jouan Armour

Left here so far are :Coach John Salavantis
Marwan Hage
Jojo Walker
Jesse L
Ritchie Willams

Maybe My Videos are Cursed?


Must be tough to compile a list like that while making sure to include the right amount of minority groups being represented in it.

ZING! Take that Tom!

The Cats can’t cut coach Sal so I think he is safe.
I would be suprised if Jo Jo made it through this camp as part of the team.