Ticats Release Donnelly

According to the cfl.ca website, the Ticats released offensive lineman Ryan Donnelly today:

"Name: 2007-08-29: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 29-Aug-07


Must be a salary thing... any veterans over 5? yrs service get paid for the whole season if released after Sept 1.

He was a good community man. I'll miss his commitment.

Well Mr. Desjardins is swinging that axe again…but what I really don’t get is why release Donnelly? I don’t even think he played that much so he couldn’t have been the problem on the O-line :? . Maybe Ince will come off the practice roster? or maybe Hudson is comming of the IR?

I have a hunch Jo Jo Walker and Karikari will be joining Donnelly on the unemployment line by Friday.

Karikari for sure!

First i liked to say that donnelly is a great guy

and second that is suck cause i really like jo jo and i could care less about karikari

this is unbelievable, to release a player with the amount of years ryan has been with the team not to mention the countless hours he gave for community outreach programs. this is just further proof that marcel is bound and determined to release every player that he is not responsible for bringing in.there are some players that their salaries shouldn't even factor in to the equation because they
are good for the team to have,ryan is one of those guys, hey i guess we could see this one coming, after all-the previous regime was responsible for drafting ryan.just a pointless and stupid move. not because ryan is an outstanding player but because he did whatever the community relations dept. asked of him if he could.why don't you look hard at the rest of the roster, you know, the guys that actually affect the outcome of the game,no,you release the guy who
short snaps for field goals.smart move parcel.

                CITY LEGEND

Was Donnelly doing the long snaps on field goals and converts this year?

If so, who will replace him?


City Legend, take a reality pill. The Team is 1-7. That's right, 1-7.

Changes have to be made, and it's the coaching staff's responsibility to make those changes.

And, while this come as a major shock to you, it shouldn't come as a major (or even minor) shock to others, the fact that a certain player has gone above and beyond the call of duty in terms of community work, while certainly admirable, has absolutely NOTHING to with whether or not said player gets released.

Sorry, but that's just the nature of the business.

Here goes another Canadian, Charlie and his all american coaching staff continue to deplete the numbers of capable Canadians on the team.

In respect of Ince, he should have gone back to University. They cut Fabio Felice who is a much better player than Ince.

This is a coaching problem as well as a senior management problem. They have not grasped the difference between the American and Canadian game. Until such time this team will be a losing proposition. Further I question whether they have the talent in the dressing room to get the job done.

There must be some capable replacements for Charlie and his band of cohorts that can turn this team around. Mr Desjardins is swinging the ax in the wrong direction!

8) What a bunch of rubbish !!!! Do you happen to know that Marcel (GM) is a Canadian !!! I think he knows very well the difference between the American and Canadian game !!! Get your facts straight !!!

news flash ryan has been stealing a paycheck for 4 years now. if he isnt good enough to start find someone who might or at least push the guy in front of him. and also the community sh*t is a must for these guys....they are asked and they go esp when you are canadian from the area. so no real big loss here.

about time, this guy was just dead weight.

Ince is young and has potential to get better.
Donnelly is older and is what he is.
Wise move.

Sorry to see Ryan go. As others have said, he was a great guy and a very hard worker. All the best of luck to him.

It is unfortunate that you either didn't or couldn't read the comment.

There is no question that Desjardin is Cdn. but the rest of the noted crew are americans. It is apparent that they have not grasped the game.

Alternatively they are unable to select capable players.

Or unable to motivate the ones they have.

The best player on the team is a Cdn trained back. This precludes the requirement for US training. There are enough capable players in Canada to meet the requirements.

My argument is that we should keep the game Canadian.


geeez take it easy jesse is an exception the guy before him Kojo...that broke all the cis records was horrible and barely capable of being third string. a kid like jesse comes along once every 15 years or so hardly evidence to suggest canadian superiority and def not a good example as to why the coaches were wrong to cut ryan. he was garbage and didnt play....so even if your COMMENTS are read accurately they are wrong.

Kojo suffered a serious injury and was never the same so I don't think that's really a fair comparison.

Ryan worked hard and was a great asset to the community. Hardly what I'd call garbage. I knew there would be some MORE decisions that I didn't like coming, but on a personal level that doesn't make the decision any easier for those of us who realize these guys are people too and this is his job he's losing.

thats true bg....bad choice of words on my part. garbage really is a term used to say really not that good of a football player.