Ticats release defensive back Demond Washington


Ticats release defensive back Demond Washington


Injured alot and didnt play that much last year. If Delvin Breaux is healthy and can start in the next few games I can understand this release.

The release I still dont understand and still boggles me is Emmanuel Davis but anyways..lol

Imagine a backfield of:

Delvin Breaux
Emmanuel Davis
Mike Daly
Richard Leonard
Courtney Stephen

Rolle, Brooks and Williams all looked pretty decent, Breaux is gonna sit one of them down. I'm okay with Stephen and Daly subbing in for each other or in Nickel packages.

Davis was the Bomben of the secondary.

Well Davis was a healthy scratch for us. Doesn't disappoint me that he is not a part of our defensive backfield.

E. Davis fell out of favour with the coaches last year, and ended up riding the pines. Not sure what happened (or didn't happen) but that's the life in professional sports.

Davis held out for a raise, got one, and was supposed to be an impact player in a secondary crying out for one. He wasnt.

  1. Ala, Abdul Kennah !!! :frowning:

Yep. There's a pattern emerging

I'm thinking the pattern you have mind is this one: You need to play at an elite level to justify an elite paycheque, or you will be dumped.

And not this one: Players that have played at an elite level elsewhere (or with us) can somehow lose their abilities suddenly, and may regain them once they join another team.

One of the greatest posts here ever!

I know the Bomben trade catastrophe is so last month.

But me thinks hes poised to be a future excuse du jour

I've got one!

Collaros is the Bomben of the QB's.

No.bomben was an allstar

Bomben was an all star of the all star team.