Ticats release Canadian receiver Dave Stala

The Ticats have released receiver Dave Stala.

The Polish-born, Hamilton raised Stala played four seasons with Hamilton, his best coming in 2010 when he registered 85 catches for 1,015 yards and six touchdowns. But now 34, his production has declined in each of the last three years and he managed just 10 catches last season as his playing time was significantly reduced.

Stala, who played high school football at Cathedral, was immenesly popular with fans and active in the community.

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The Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has released veteran Canadian receiver Dave Stala.

After joining the Ticats as a free agent on April 30, 2009, Stala caught 263 passes for 3,336 yards and 20 touchdowns in 86 regular season games. He recorded 10 receptions and 144 receiving yards in 14 games during the 2013 season.

“Dave was a respected member of this team for five seasons. On behalf of the Tiger-Cats organization, I’d like to thank Dave for his efforts on and off of the field and wish him all the best in the future,? said General Manager and Head Coach Kent Austin.

Production declined because they didn't throw him the ball! Always reliable over the middle when needed. Ottawa can use a stable guy like Stala

:( Would hate to see Dave in Ottawa but he sure could help a new team. :(

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Thank you Stala!
A true Cat

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released veteran receiver Dave Stala.

The Hamilton native joined the Ticats as a free agent in 2009 and scored 20 touchdowns in 86 games for Hamilton.

During his five seasons in Black & Gold, the 34-year-old Stala recorded 263 receptions for 3,336 yards.

After starting the 2013 season on the 9-game injured list, Stala made 10 catches for 144 yards in 14 games.

Ticats general manager and head coach Kent Austin says “Dave was a respected member of this team for five seasons. On behalf of the Tiger-Cats organization, I’d like to thank Dave for his efforts on and off of the field and wish him all the best in the future.?



Hope he reunites with Glenn in Ottawa

I agree, but it seemed with the arrival of Giguere, Stala was put more on the back burner, so to speak. :frowning: If Ottawa doesn't snag him then maybe Bellefeuille in Winnipeg can talk his bosses into making an offer, The Bombers lack NI depth and MB is familiar with Dave's talents. He had his most successful season with the Ticats when Bellefeuille was HC.

Good luck Stala!


Dave Stala was a loyal player and I thank him for his time in Hamilton. I wish him all the best in future, whether in football or not.

I wonder what this move might mean for the retention of Josh Bartel. Stala was a backup punter. With Medlock on board, maybe Bartel's chances improve because we need more than one person able to punt.

It's actually "REDBLACKS". :roll:

Don't ask. :wink:

Sad to see him go but I dont think he has been in Austins from the time (Austin) arrived in Hamilton.
I believe the Cats have signed Lauther (spelling) as well. The advantage over Bartel is the young guy can placekick as well. Though I would like to see Bartel still punting.............


:( sad day, all the best in your future Dave your a class act :thup:

Wow Austin really is a cold %#$^*##

Thanks to Stala he is an amazing guy and I appreciate everything he did for us. I hate the business side of football. I wish him all the best. I will miss his jokes and his celebrations.

As this offseason progresses I am becoming a little more understanding of CW's decision... Business first.

Definitely sad to see him go. The good news for him is that the team released him ahead of the free agency deadline, allowing him time to deal with the other eight teams before the flood of other players hits the market. I agree that he would be a good fit in Ottawa or Winnipeg, helping with the building / rebuilding year.

And I really hope that he doesn't end up in blue....

Sad indeed. It was a thrill seeing him make so many clutch catches during his time with the Cats, and he seems like a good guy.

Tell me about it. He was alway a fave for me. He alway came up with the tough ones. I am pissed.

Can't say as I'm surprised by this,it seemed like the writing was on the wall for Stala when he was activated off IL
1/2 way through last season but was rarely used or saw the field.As I posted in other threads,it seems like one position
that would most likely be addressed in the off season for upgrade was at Cdn receiver.With the trading of Charbonneau
and release of Stala all in a weeks span,look for a FA or draftee in the coming months at the position,before T.Camp
opens next year.The question of keeping Bartel around,might come down to if he can maybe learn another position
to go along with his punting.IMO there's no way that the team keeps a player on the active roster,if all he can do is
be a backup punter.The roster is too small to afford a team the luxury of doing this.Stala may have been an emergency replacement kicker but his primary position was as a receiver.So if the only way that Bartel stays on the team,is if
they can somehow convert him into another position,and use him primarily on special teams,much like Beswick who
is listed as a lb/db but plays pretty much exclusively as a special teamer.

Anyway I'm going to miss "Sticky" one of the classiest players in the league,bar none!!!
I will always remember Dave especially for what he did for Jake and his family. :cry:


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Great hands. Great clutch catches. Class act. Class clown. Will be missed by fans and teammates alike. I'm sad for 88, as I am for 62, both in similar stages of their personal lives and football careers and who so much would have loved being on a TC championship team.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly2JUwff294 THATS FOR YOU JAKE!!!!! F-ING RIGHT !!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x78OHLO1cE STALA and GLENN and their special friend JAKE!! Pure Class!!!!!

Stala's career as a TiCat & Overall ... in a nutshell so to speak ...

Games 86
Catches 263
Catches/Game 3.058139535
Catches/Season 55.04651163
Yards 3336
Yards/Game 38.79069767
Yards/Season 698.2325581
TD's 20
TD's/Game 0.23255814
TD's/Season 4.186046512

Games 138
Catches 408
Catches/Game 2.956521739
Catches/Season 53.2173913
Yards 5188
Yards/Game 37.5942029
Yards/Season 676.6956522
TD's 27
TD's/Game 0.195652174
TD's/Season 3.52173913