TiCats release 6

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced Tuesday that the following players have been released:

INT – DL – Delano Johnson
INT – DB – Travis Lee
INT – DE – Mike McAdoo
INT – WR – Franky Okafor
INT – DB – Cassius Vaughn
NAT – WR – Spencer Watt

No surprise with Lee and Vaughn got burned too many times last year.

I am sure training camp lots of DB's again.

I agree, but both looked like they were gaining traction as their playing time increased. Especially Vaughn. And I thought Lee was pretty physical for a smaller guy. He played up to flat receivers and laid good hits for losses. He did miss some tackles in that area as well, but it seems to me that that is something that could be corrected.

There must be some great players coming to camp this year to replace the list above.

Good luck to all who have been let go.

With the exception of Emanuel Davis and Courtney Stephen, our secondary last year was brutal. I'm glad they signed Kanneh, I'm glad that Butler will be back from injury, and I'm glad that management has traded for some potential starters (the two guys from the Als)/brought in some DB's with NFL experience (Will Hill).

Vaughn had his shot, and couldn't cut it.

Nothing is more frustrating than watching teams throw the ball at will against us for first down/unattested 25 yard completion, after first down/another unattested 25 yard completion!!

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost 42min
#Argos have added former #Ticats DB Cassius Vaughan , one day after his

Well that sure didn't take long , seems like according to Drew that Vaughan has been signed down the road . The Blows are sure keeping busy this off-season picking up all our retreads and extra spare broken parts . Good Luck to them.......NOT !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

You said that Vaughn couldn't cut it?
Not true - in fact, didn't he just get cut?

So, he did cut it, no??? :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

The Eagle