TiCats Release 6

Ticats.ca Staff

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released the following players:

IMP WR LaMark Brown
IMP DB Ryan Lacy
NIP K/P Brett Lauther
IMP LB Raymond Shipman
IMP OL Nick Speller
IMP DT Brandon Thurmond

Guess the rookie experiment with Lauther is over ... talk about going from the Penthouse to the Outhouse!

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-transactions-20131106044218]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-tra ... 1106044218[/url]

We may see one or two, or even three, again but, for now, the saving on six less rings is considerable.

No big deal really,none of them starters,besides the experiment with Lauther,only Lacy(1 gm)Shipman(2 gms)the others were practice squad members who never dressed for any games.Just amounts to a little house cleaning by the team is all.If you look at the current roster there's only 2 players listed on the P.R. at present time,have to put the guys who dressed last game somewhere with the regulars rested last game set to play on Sunday.

Some room needed to be made for those coming back onto the 46 and those who were on the 46 for the last game moved to the practice roster.
Lacy just was not enough room for him. Rogers will probably enter the playoffs as a back up cover DB for the cover spots CB/HB/SAM. Breaux still injured is a keeper still.
Shipman, no room for him either with Bowman back to go with JJ and Lawrence with both Canadian rookies Plesius and Prime available. Harris also may not be able to get worked onto the 42 depending how the receiver situation shakes out will Tasker be able to go he will most likley dress along with Banks Jones and Grant as the imports fantuz Stalla and Giguere Canadians.
The Oline should be set roster wise 3 imports 2 starting at OT and one a healthy scratch depending on health.
Breaux and Ellingson on the one game IR and Moore and Bucknor probably headed to the PR Collins as well.
There will be some shuffling to make the numbers work keeping players possibily needed for the final if they get that far on the PR should injuries occur.
Got to give it to Austin he has done a great job in molding this team and has had to let a couple of really good players go the last couple of weeks

I wonder how many more will be released, the Ticats had 22 players on the injured list. That must be some kind of record, I assume players on the IR get full pay and don't count against the cap. That's a roster of over 80 players.

Over 80 players?????.......current as of 07/11/13......45 active.....12...1 gm il.....9 on 9 gm il....2 pr....math says 68 on current roster including practice.....where do you come up with over 80 players???? To be over 80 players means that they're 13 players that are invisible or unaccounted for.Even if you subtract the 6 released players,your still only at 74 players,with them included...... :slight_smile: just a guess here,but math wasn't your strongest subject was it Mikey!?!? :slight_smile: :lol:

Here you go check out the depth chart for the last game, click to the second page and you will see a list of 46 players PLUS 22 injured, okay I should have said CLOSE to 80 not exactly 80 :roll: but still A LOT OF PLAYERS far too many for a team that has 12 guys on the field at one time.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/page/2013-depth-charts-game-notes-stats]http://www.ticats.ca/page/2013-depth-ch ... otes-stats[/url]
:lol: Over 80 players says Mikey :lol: :lol: Close to 80 players says Mikey :lol: :lol: Exactly 80 players says Mikey :lol: :lol: Wrong on all 3 counts!!! :lol:

One thing is for sure though,the Cats have had a rather large roster all season long,and I believe have set a new record for players dressed and on roster for a season!!!! Not sure of the exact total,but I think it's close to a 100 players,but not exactly 100 players,but for sure not over a 100 players. :slight_smile: :wink:

Players on the 9 game IR don't count against the cap. Players on the 1 game do.

With 22 or so players on the IR that's a lot of salary on top of the $4.5 Million

Couple of things to note:

  1. Practice roster size has been reduced back to 9 or whatever is allowed for most of the season. It is expanded for the final month of the season only when there may be a few more players nicked up. Unfortunately for the Ticats, injuries were constant from week one! Which brings me to

  2. Haven't heard an exact number but did hear that over 90 players suited up to play at some time during the season. Some like K Lawrence were here only briefly - given a chance to see if they were the answer for a particular position or situation (like returner). Others were here for depth because of the high number of injuries.

I expect that we will see some of these players again. Lacy, from what I heard, seemed to have a good game against the BBs - not sure about Shipman. I think Austin still likes Lauther as a future prospect so I wouldn't be surprised if he and some others surface again on next season's PR or at least for TC (unless someone else nabs them first).