Ticats Release 6


Anthony and Lancaster are a bit of a surprise.

In other CFL news, the Toronto Argonauts sign 6 players.............

I thought Lancaster would get a shot at camp. Anthony had some time at MLB last year and was insufficient apparently, especially since Floyd was brought in to play Mac.
At only 28 Botterill might catch on elsewhere as a special teamer but he's the only one that I expect to ever hear from again.

With all those linebackers being released, could we see a big name linebacker signed in 2 weeks?...

Hey borehamgirl...

Maurice Lloyd... maaaybe... huh, huh... maaaybe...LOL :lol:

Feel kinda bad for Woodcock...he's a good guy who has apparently reached the end of the line...


As of now there are only two NI receivers Bauman, Rempel..... that wont last.

The signing of Floyd made Anthony pretty much redundant.

None of these guys were impact players. In fact, Anthony, Boterill, Patrick and Lancaster were pretty much invisible.

I'm thinking these guys were released to accomodate the salaries of a couple of good players we are about to aquire in the Glenn deal, and/or to free up money for Rob Murphy and at least two other big name free agents.

8) I can't believe that Tony Miles was not included in that bunch !!! There is no way that he will be back with this team this year !!!! :roll:

it’s still early…Miles will be cut b4 camp cause at his age, he isn’t going to get any better,and the Cats are going to try to develop Bauman, Cohen and Mitchell…and here is a bold prediction…KERRY WATKINS WILL PLAY FOR THE TICATS THIS YEAR! The Als have a IMP receiver on te roster who is a Richardson look alike and play alike…You heard it first here!

There will be more cuts…I see Gordon, NML, an LB or 2, Kashama…; depending on how the cats fare on the FA market.

If I recall correctly, Kashama has been released already...

8) I would love to see Kerry Watkins as a TiCat this year !!
  You could be right as far as those other cuts go, except for Kashama, he is a free agent now, but the Cats have already stated that they are not interested in re-signing him.  After the way he played for us after we obtained him, I can see why !!  He was a non factor at the best of times, in other words a joke !!!        <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Unless McKay starts getting serious about playing like a starter, he (and his overpriced salary) will be gonzo for sure.

Miles will be toast, too.

A trade for Watkins might make sense as he asked to be traded last year and was denied, Ticats tried to acquire him and that fell through...Since then Jamal Richardson has emerged as one of the very best young receivers in the league and signed a four year deal. Cahoon who was scheducled to retire after 2008 before the season even began is going to play another year or two.

I have no idea who is the Jamal clone but this could be a good trade for both teams. Not too sure what the Ticats have that would be of any interest to the Als, so maybe a draft pick? The risk however is that Watkins does not extend with the Ticats... So Marcel would have to chat with Watkins before making a deal.

Take that back!! You leave Tony Miles alone...lol.

I heard so much about Anthony and O'Billovich was so high on Lancaster that I guess that's probably why I found those two surprising.


Printers for Watkins?

Only way that could work is if AC hangs it up. Not likely...

who do u think that Popp is???? .....Obie?

Actually not as dumb as it sounds if C.P. can check his ego at the door and it back and learn from watching one of the best QBs to play in the CFL ever. AC has gone on record as saying that he has reached an agreement with the Als if his wife's upcoming PET scan is clear.

Frankly I don't see CP getting traded at all, he will no doubt be released, as far as Watkins...maybe a draft choice, possibly a DB.

Just in the interest of starting unsubstanciated rumours how bout this...

Thompson for Watkins and a pick.

I’d rather take a chance on our young but full of potential receivers than get rid of the centre piece of our secondary.

Fair enough but Miles is going, Woodcock is gone. Prechae is a real comer no doubt but Cohen, Jackson and Mitchell are only "maybes". Watkins has 4 straight 1000 yd. seasons

Thompson had a lotta picks this year, but ya gotta wonder why QBs are throwing at his man so much...In his prime, Davis Sanchez never had alot of picks cause people just didn't get open when he was covering..