TiCats release 5 players

Hamilton Tiger-CatsVerified account ?@Ticats 8m8 minutes ago
The #Ticats have released 5 international players: RB Michael Ford, OL Jace Daniels, DB Derrius Brooks, DE Tyriq McCord & DE Denzell Perine.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 7m7 minutes ago
#Ticats release five, mostly PR players here for a look-see. The exception Derrius Brooks, who started the last two games at HB. #Esks #CFL

Hopefully the release of Brook means that Sears or Rico Murray are ready to play in the East semi-final.

This could also be the time where they HAVE to trim down their PR, as it only expands for a certain period of time...

Why is Vaughn still here? Hes just as inept as Tisdale who got released after 1 bad game

Same reason Matthews is still here. he's buddies with kent

Don't think Ford got a fair shake. Austin doesn't really commit to a running game, so how could he?

You know, I thought Vaughn has actually made some progress over the past few games. He is playing a lot closer to the receivers and seems to be around the ball more. Still a lousy tackler, but I think he is still trying for the strip as opposed to the tackle. That might be coachable?

I agree that he has a long way to go to be a top level DB, but he seems to have some upside. Tisdale had peaked and was (is?) on his way down physically. So, given the comparative skill level of each, Vaughn was probably the better value for salary dollars spent?

However, to be realistic, my fear is that Reilly, Bowman and Walker could light him up like a fireworks display.

That's the way I've seen him lately as well. He has good closing speed, but was playing too far off his receivers at first. He's still getting burned a few times by the league's top receivers, but then, who isn't? And note that he is assigned to cover other teams' top receivers, so yes, he's going to get burned more than other DBs on the team.

And my biggest complaint with him is his tackling, or lack thereof. For a big guy, he sure doesn't seem to be able to use it to stop his receivers. You might be right that he's not wrapping up because he's always got one arm going for the strip. Not sure. Hope he fixes that soon (or at least starts actually getting those strips).

Vaughn, along with OT Terrence Campbell and LB Geoff Hughes have been moved to the practice roster. It looks like we will be starting four Canadians on the offensive line and somebody else at Vaughn's spot on the corner for the semi-final game.

Looking at Grover's post on the other thread, I wonder if Stephen will maybe be at corner for Vaughn?

I thought Campbell was doing okay, so maybe it is a ratio thing to get both Tyms and Elliott in along with Toliver?

Of course, it is still relatively early in the week. Might just be testing stamina and injury recovery?

Either that, or he comes in at safety, and one of the Davises moves out to CB.

Actually, I have no idea now who's hurt and who's not. The website shows Daly, E. Davis, C. Davis, Ellis, Langa, Robinson, and Vaughn on the active roster. Stephen is now on, and Mightypope mentioned that Vaughn is off. Any other changes?

And I hate to say it, but I can't remember which of these guys play at the corner, aside from Stephen (when he's not back at safety). Pretty sure I've seen Chris Davis there, but other than that, no idea.

Chris Davis has played corner ever since Johnny Adams got hurt. It might be the first time this year that they move Stephen to corner for this game and leave Robinson at safety. A possible starting secondary line-up might be C.Davis and Stephen on the corners with Ellis and E.Davis at defensive half along with Robinson at safety. I'm not Steinauer or Austin but those would be my starters considering who is available for this game.

Thanks. Sounds reasonable.

Why not play Daly at Safety and Stephen at corner?? We must cover Bowman and Walker

What Canadians back them up?

If we start over the minimum seven Canadians, there's no need to have a Canadian backup. So if Daly is the best player to use at safety and Stephen is the best choice at CB, then we could just do it.

Or play Stephen at corner, and if he has to come out, Daly goes in at safety and an international goes to corner.