TiCats release 4 players

INT – P/K – Kenny Allen
INT – P/K – Sergio Castillo
NAT – DL – Ben D’Aguilar
INT – RB – Rajion Neal

When Lirum was signed, it was the end for Castillo and Allen.

The TiCats are responsible for Castillo’s medical and rehab for 1 year from time of injury

Castillo :frowning:

Poor deal to Castillo.

But he truly had no business getting injured the way he did.

His fault, 100%.

Maybe now we finally know what Toliver was upset about in his tweet all those weeks ago re: injured players getting released in the off-season.

Castillo is a good kicker. If back to 100% health he will find a job.

This should never happen. His fault? Really! Teying ro put a tackle on for your team is like a bad /selfish thing Hammertown? Wow, you are a real team player! Itz like sending a young man to war and then not doing anything for him/her other than a bandaid if they get injured in battle. Total bull-feathers!!!!! Although, something had to give.

I would imagine that Castillo will be back once he has healed and rehabbed. Just a housecleaning move IMO.

I had hoped to see Ben D'Aguilar get a better shot with the Cats. I hope he can catch on with another team.

Several things about this, concerning the kicking game:

Castillo was a very good player, I was glad to have him on the team, and I'm sad to see him go.

Yes, you can be released in the off-season when you are injured. This issue was raised in another thread not long ago. The team retains responsibility for medical care for the injury under the CBA, but there is nothing that prevents the player from being released.

Hajrullahu is an excellent replacement. His numbers are comparable to Castillo's, plus the fact he is Canadian frees up a roster spot elsewhere for an import. This makes him especially valuable.

I hope Castillo recovers fully to the level needed for him to play again. His type of injury is a severe one, and recovery for a kicker to be able to play at his previous level will be quite a challenge. I wouldn't want to assume anything here.

Even if Castillo can return, I don't foresee the Ticats releasing Hajrullahu to bring Castillo back unless he performs poorly. That could happen of course-- one never knows with the winds at THF, and others have found it difficult to kick in Hamilton-- but I have no reason to expect this.

I hope Castillo catches on somewhere. If he's able to play, he's definitely an asset worth having. I believe Hajrullahu's contract is for one year only, so if it doesn't work out, I would not want us to burn any bridges with Castillo, if he is able to play in 2019.

Best case scenario? Hajrullahu plays great, wants to stay in Hamilton, and does. Castillo recovers fully, can play again and finds a spot elsewhere in the CFL.

Good post Steve

Didn't say it was bad or selfish, just that it was his fault, and he shouldn't have gotten injured in that manner. If you recall the play, after his kick, he ran down the field, made a pivot, and tripped/fell. Wasn't while trying to make a tackle.

However, the rest of your post is classic.

Was his fault, ok. Yes I do recall the play. So every injury ever incurred is not that person’s fault! A player does things to contribute and then gets hurt because of circumstances! There is no fault here. Itz an accident. Someone at fault implies doing something almost intentionally. But I get your point. You are saying he should have just kicked the ball and watched all other players on his team follow through with that play. He should not have got further involved.

And maybe it’s Fantuz’s and Collaros fault the turf monster ripped up their ACL. They should not have been running!! How does any sane fan blame a kicker for trying to stop a return after he misses his kick? The injury was a fluke like the other two.

The only positive for Castillo is that it was his plant leg, which probably means that he will recover faster. The Ticats have to pay for his re-hab.
I would imagine that he will come back sometime in the season but likely with another team.
He was released by Ottawa in training camp and they haven't re-signed Brett Maher, that's a possibility.
Hajrullahu is from the area so I imagine he does want to stay around.

I wouldn't count on that being a positive, if anything the amount of torque applied to the plant leg would be harder on stabilizing ligaments, like the ACL, than kicking leg.

He injured his leg in October? probably looking at a 10-12 month recovery, and a longer period of rehabilitation to get back up to game strength.

aside from that? ya, a comeback could happen, wouldn't count on it until 2019 season, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe a late season addition to a team in a similar situation to the cats last year (late season loss of kicker)


A major headache to the lineup.

Castillo wanted to help his teammates, and for that he should be admired.

However, his is a specialized function and can be difficult to replace. A kicker needs to remember that when thinking aboutcontributing more thanhis roleon a play....