Ticats recieve permisson from Bills....


So now we'll actually find out if he is interested in returning to the CFL. Until now, it's all been wishful thinking.

I would like to think that if Obie bypassed some prominent names to wait on Cortez, that he should have a pretty good notion that George may want to come back to this league and coach this team.

I guess we are supposed to believe that finally Obie and Cortez can communicate with each other. Get real!

The situation could not be hanging in limbo for the past month without these two guys knowing exactly what is going down.
This is the real world, not some fantasyland. There have been contacts. Obie hasn't been sitting with fingers crossed, hoping to get a chance to talk to Cortez sometime in the future. All that remains now is the announcement of what has already been decided, whatever that may be.

I hear you Wilf and don't doubt for a minute that what you say is not true. But, can tampering take place across leagues. Are we not to honour existing contracts even if Cortez is working for the NFL???

That's why I was hedging on that opinion....

If Obie is adamant on Cortez, it is certainly fortunate the Bills collapsed in the last 2/3 of the season, otherwise I don't see Cortez leaving the NFL. (voluntarily anyway)

With his future with the Bills in doubt, the odds are quite decent Cortez will accept a HC offer from the Cats.

The writing may be on the wall. The Bills have replaced their DC....

[url=http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-2/Wannstedt-named-new-DC-Edwards-relieved-of-duties/73533a45-057a-4bc4-82ba-2f7f59bac9b4]http://www.buffalobills.com/news/articl ... 7f59bac9b4[/url]

Totally agree with Wiif. Obie and Cortez have definitely spoken before today; while there may not have been extensive discussions, I am positive that Obie, with the Bills permission, has inquired/spoken to Cortez in order to know his interest/ his intention in returning to the CFL.

Although Cortez could return to the CFL,with the Tiger-Cats, I doubt that it will be as a Head Coach. I still think that Tim Burke will be the Head Coach; furthermore, I would not be surprised if Mike O'Shea is the new DC/Asst coach or STC/Asst coach.

I sat thet we will have the answers no later than this Friday.


Last sentence shall begin with: I say and not sat.


With all due respect, I doubt Cortez would return to this league to be a co-ordinator. If Burke is to be the head coach, they could have announced that a long time ago. The wait, I believe, is for Cortez to come aboard as the HEAD coach. Formally, that could not have occurred until the end of the Bills season.

At least two sources that I have read, have both said that the annoucement of the Hamilton head coach will come this week.

I agree that it is likely there have been preliminary feelers about the possibility of Cortez returning to the CFL. But nothing very serious, probably indirectly through his agent. Yes there is tampering across leagues… a contract is a contract, and interfering in a contract is something you can sue over. That’s why the Ticats had to seek and obtain permission from Buffalo to talk to him. I don’t think the Bills would have given permission for Cortez to talk to the Ticats unless it was for the HC position. That could be different if the Bills were on the verge of firing him anyway… in that case the Hamilton opportunity could relieve them of any severance/ pay-out obligation to Cortez.

As far as the individual is concerned, I don’t see any way that Cortez would come back to the CFL for less than a HC position. Why would he want to be an assistant to a guy (Burke) who has been with several CFL teams in the past few years, always at an assistant level? He’d be taking a big pay cut to come to the CFL as an assistant. Heck, for that matter I suspect his pay as a HC in the CFL would be no better than his NFL position coach pay. Better to let the Bills fire him and pay him severance than jump to the CFL at a big drop in pay to assist a guy with less experience than he has himself. If he’s going to return to the CFL as an assistant after being fired by the Bills, there will be lots of opportunities and he’d be better off to do it with the Bills pay-out in the bank.

Anyway, we’ll find out soon enough how serious he is about coaching the Cats.

Has anybody thought of the possibility that Obie may be asking Cortez to start as a Defensive coordinator, eventually moving up to a GM position?
I don't know that there is a rule that a Defensive coordinator ( or any kind of coordinator, for that matter ) MUST be a Head Coach, before vying for a GM spot.
With Obie probably thinking of retirement soon, could this be the carrot to sway Cortez out of Buffalo?
Just asking....

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It is a good point, but I would think that Joe Womack is being groomed to fill Obies Chair in the big office.
But an Asst GM position would becoming available.

And Danny Mac is being groomed to fill Womack's.

Wilf, Cortez will not simply be annointed as Tiger Cat Head Coach.

The process Obie follows is, first, a face to face interview with all candidates,

then, at least one other interview with him with caretaker Bob Young present.

and besides..

I heard TSN's David Naylor on the Bill Kelly's talk radio show today

He said people close to George Cortez have told him that

George isn't interested in a CFL job right now.

Naylor says a possible reason could be the NFL coaches pension plan

He has two years there and it only takes four[?] years to qualify for one.

So you think Obie let Chamblin and Dickenson sign on with other teams just to be turned down by Cortez? Not a chance.

Exactly. All the players in these type of negotiations always keep their cards close to their chest. Especially when dealing with the media. Nobody really knows what info passed between the Obie / Cortez phone line. If Cortez let's on that he is interested in the Cats too early, then he will appear to be not very loyal to the Bills and might be released. Then if the deal with the Cats ends up not being that attractive, then he would have lost his more lucrative NFL position also. When all the right cards fall into place for everyone then we will know. Until then it's all speculation.

Huh? read my post again, jordan2. David Naylor said that not me.

I said George Cortez can't have the job locked up, yet, because

the Tiger Cats don't anoint Head Coaches over the telephone.

He will be put through a face to face interviewing process to find out

what offensive and defensive systems George would want to employ,

and who he has on his short list of coaches to be his co-ordinators.

These things must fit in with what the Tiger Cats want

If they do, a final interview is done with Bob Young there.

Ron, I understand all the points you are making. And I agree that in a perfect, organized, and well-structured world events would probably proceed as you outline.

BUT, in this crazy CFL atmosphere things aren’t always done that way. Why would you think that Bob Young hasn’t been a party to any phone conversations? If I were Obie, and if I were forging ahead with this, I would certainly have kept Bob in the picture, very closely in the picture.
Do you think for one minute that Bob would appreciate this serious a step being taken without his involvement? Everything that happens here involves Bob’s money. He must be a party to every step that has been taken.
Now, admittedly, I don’t know what those steps are. But, when the final result is made known, you can be sure that Caretaker has been involved.