Ticats ready to blossom this year

1 . Mcdaniel
2. Mcintyre
3. Barker

  1. Hickman
  2. James


1.DeAndra Cobb (you might be thinking, what the hell are you sayin'?He was awesome in '09.True he was, but he was new to the CFL, JUST getting back into football shape, new to Gibson's offense and wasn't the bonafide starter till a few weeks in.He's also training harder than usual, increasing his weight and speed enough to make him harder to bring down.)
2.Dylan Barker
3.Marquay McDaniel
4.Justin Hickman
5.Khari Long
6.Garrett McIntyre

i hope the whole squad is because it sure would be nice to win more than 50% of the games once here in the 7th year of caretaker's five year plan.

It would be nice to get into the playoffs and win this time. No way BC should of bet us at home last year. :oops:

TiCats ready to blossom this year.....hope its not fester. :oops:

Chris Bauman this will be his break out year :thup:

I Believe it when I See it ..

AS Far I am Concerned he is a Bust Till he shows it on the field

Stalla and Grant are Far Better

I think Stalla will be one with the break out year as a Canadian Pass Catcher