Ticats re-sign Radlein to new deal!

in todays chml report, ticats have signed ralein to a two year plus an option

Ticats re-sign Radlein
Day 3 of Tiger-Cats camp has come with a new contract extension for Julian Radlein.

The 3rd year fullback out of UBC has signed for two more years plus an option.

The 25-year old Radlein injured his right knee last season and has been rehabing it for the last few months.

Cats camp resumes at 4:30 this afternoon.


also did somthing happend to the forum?? i had 44 posts and now im back to 28?? meh

A couple of threads were deleted, which would cause your post count to drop.

Also, glad to hear we have Radlein for even longer, he isn't used as much as I'd like though, he's a beast.

Miller91, I agree that Radlein could be used more. I'd like to see him work on his receiving (he's dropped quite a few screen passes), but he also has been passed over too many times when he could have made a contribution to the play. Hopefully with Paopao calling the plays, he'll be more active. Joe loves using screens, sweeps, and getting running backs involved in the passing game.

sh9ould be fun to see how he does with accurate screen passes, lol :smiley:

I agree Miller, and as I said in my post on this topic that vanished though an honest mistake, this is great news and maybe just maybe the coaching staff will finally see fit to use Radlein to his full potential.

yeh i bet paopao noticed that hes move then just a moving block, and can be used more efficently