Ticats re-sign potential FA OL Dyakowski


He is a good one. I'm sure Winnipeg would have taken a run at him in free agency.

Instead, look for the Bombers to try to sign OL Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, who the Ticats will not attempt to re-sign.

The Cats may try to re-sign Gagne-Marcoux but only as trade bait.He has generated alot of interest around the league and likely burned his bridges in Hamilton.I would trade him to BC or something, maybe get a starter or a draft pick.

methinks this probably belongs in a different forum, no?

A lot of Bomber fans posted comments on this Board saying that they coveted Dyakowski.

Cedric wants to sign with Montreal.

if they have any interest in him at all, he'll be an alouette.

There's no way Gagne-Marcoux would re-sign with the Ticats so they could trade him. It would be an idiotic move on his part since he would give up any control on where he would end up.

Cedric wants an opportunity to play. He's a good linesman better than Hage.

Hage is definitely better.Hudsons better too,in fact Marcoux kept getting owned so bad in game one that the decision was made to start Hudson over him also.Ever since the OL has been consistent.If he wants to go,by all means bud, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
We've still got:
Marwan Hage N/I C
George Hudson N/I RG/C
Peter Dyakowski N/I LG
Alex Gauthier N/I LT
Dan Goodspeed I RT
Simeon Rottier N/I LT/LG
Zac Carlson N/I RT/RG
Matt Morencie N/I C
Matt Spanos I OL

plus Obie will likely sign 2-3 more to bring to TC and test.

I'd honestly rank Marcoux just over Spanos and that's only because I haven't seen what Spanos can do for 1 and Marcoux's also a N/I.

Bet he wants to go to Montreal, but wether he will is a different story.
I see his top 3 destinations as: