TiCats re-sign Johnny Sears

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#TIcats re-sign DB Johnny Sears who was excellent player last season, when healthy... which, it must be said, wasn’t often. #CFL

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But the #TIcats re-signing Sears makes sense: a couple of other DB starters - Emanuel Davis, Ed Gainey - are set to become FAs in Feb. #CFL

Hopefully a low $ but incentive laden contract with numberof games played as the most incentive!

Sears played in just three games for the Ticats in 2015 after injuries forced him to miss 15 regular season game and two playoff contests.

But in those 3 games he recorded 11 defensive tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble.

Both of his interceptions came in Hamilton’s season opening game in Calgary on June 26, and he returned one pick 76 yards for a touchdown.

Definitely agree with needing some sort of health incentive in his contract. But yes, when healthy, he's one of the best.


Anybody know how long the extension is for?

As to games played due to injuries. I often wonder about this - is it an injury, or is it just being moved to the injured list to create roster space? Some are obvious, for example C.J. Gable or Andy Fantuz, some less so, for example the on and off roster status for a number of wide receivers. I think sometimes players just play themselves off the roster, but still show enough potential to stick around, just in case they are needed. Just sayin'.

Yes, some injuries are a bit suspect. Consider how quickly Masoli got healthy when Collaros was injured. But in this case, I'm pretty sure it was an actual injury. Sears was playing very well before being put onto the six-game injury list. I don't remember what the injury was, though. One of Drew's articles just said "Defensive back Johnny Sears was hurt against Winnipeg and isn’t practicing...".


I can't see Austin putting him on the six game that early in the season if it hadn't been a serious injury. But you never know.

I don't think there is any question that Sears was legitimately hurt when he missed 15 games. He would have been our best DB's if you project what he did in 3 games over 18. I know you are "just sayin'" but I think he fell in the same category as Gable and Fantuz when it came to validity of injury status.

would not be the case in this situation. Dude was an absolute beast for us. I believe he was CFL defensive player of the week in one of his 3 starts too. I am super pumped for him to be back. A real difference maker when healthy.

I, pretty much, agree with all that's been posted, in this thread, before me. Time will tell. However, I'm not holding my breath waiting for validity that this is good news.

Good Signing but Cats need TED BACK

Seems to me that this past year, ALL the Ticats who were on the one or 6-game injured list were actually injured. I believe that teams are not allowed to "hide" players on the one game IL (so that they can't be claimed by another team) which is why Masoli ended up on the PR. That was not necessarily the case with the Ticats in past seasons but appeared to me to be what happened this year. Maybe the league decided to crack down more on that rule?

Last time Ted decided to test free agency and he may decide to do the same this time too. We do have other nationals who have been injured and could fill the spot (Gaydosh e.g.) but of course NO one else (yet) has proved to be the beast that he is at the DT position. Don't think Austin will break the bank to keep him, valuable as he has been, so hope Ted has a bit of loyalty to Hamilton and is not just chasing bigger $$$.

Happy enough to see Sears remaining as others may not choose to stay and JS WAS good when he was healthy. Injuries apparently were a problem in Winnipeg too so wasn't sure where he would be on the priority list.
Here's to a VERY healthy 2016 for Johnny Sears in black and gold!

Cant see it with Sears, for that to be true we would have to say that Gainey, who came in for Sears, was an upgrade...............


Anyone remember the last time we didnt have the most injuries in a season.?

Okay, l will go with the prevailing opinion on injuries, but Ryan makes a good point. We do seem to have a lot of them, compared to some other teams, and a lot of one gamers?

Still and all, Sears is a good addition to the DBs, even if mostly on the practice field and as a solid back-up or starter when healthy.

Coach Reinebold likes it! :thup:

Jeff Reinebold