Ticats re-hire 4 Assistant Coaches

Retaining four assistants mildly surprising after 3-15 season

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

(Jan 9, 2008)

The Ticats are one assistant coach hire away
from finalizing their sideline squad for 2008.

Yesterday, GM Bob O'Billovich revealed that assistants

Jeff Bleamer (offensive line),

Mike Nelson (defensive line/linebackers),

Dave Easley (special teams)

and Dennis Goldman (receivers) would be retained.

All are entering their second season...

O'Billovich said the club will likely hire
one more defensive assistant to replace Butler,

although the new coaches' responsibilities
are still being worked out.

I heard Creehan say
he feels it is better if the D.C.
works with the linebackers.

He hopes to hire a top notch
defensive secondary coach
if there is one available

Bellefeuille hinted that Taaffe made a case
for both Bleamer and Goldman to return
as offensive assistants.

"... He felt, and I do agree with this point, that
it was important to maintain some sense of continuity

as the players know Dennis, they know Jeff.

They had a good rapport with the players
which is critical in this league."

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I liked Coach Butler.

I say hire Less Browne as Secondary coach.