Ticats rated poorly by the 'experts' at 3downnation

anyone else tired of being disrespected by the so called experts at 3down nation even drew edwards has us third in the east. Tired of the disrespect y'all

drew had to this to say about why he thinks we'll finish third.
3. Hamilton: I’m worried about their offensive line, secondary and a tough opening schedule. Other than that, everything’s fine.
I knew there was a reason I didn't like drew now i hate him


I don't consider it disrespectful at all. He doesn't have any obligation to predict we will be terrific. His concerns are well founded.

I hope we do great early in the season. I think he shares that hope.

i know that but everyone on that article thinks the cats are gonna have a bad season. i just hope the cats can prove them wrong

Doesn't a tough season opening imply an easier season ending?

The O-line concerns Drew has are not well founded IMO. The OL only has 1 new player (Rice), and he played at least 1/3 of the snaps last year.

Ticat fans always complain that they never develop players - well they have been developing Rice since 2013, and he is ready. They wouldn't have traded Bomben if he wasn't. Period.

Meet your new starting RG Ticat fans:

except rice isn't starting at RG in calgary
Louis Butko
1h1 hour ago
Coach June Jones announcing first round draft pick Darius Ciraco will start Saturday against the Calgary Stampeders. The Burlington native played his college career with the @UCDinos. #CFL #Ticats

Have we announced our whole starting lineup, or only the right guard position?

I knew Ciraco was good, but I guess he's really good if he can start this fast. Impressive!

Regardless of that... the plan going into the season after the Bomben trade was to start Rice. Jones even claimed that in a day 1 or 2 camp interview.

We will know tomorrow when we see the team chart. The team would never tell the media more than 1 or two starters early. It would help the Stamps in their preparation for Hamilton.

Drew is an impartial reporter not a Ticat lackey! Hate a pretty strong word for his opinions not agreeing with yours. Almost as bad as “a special place in hell? someone hurled at our PM?

Well said Lenny . A lot of ill-advised language is thrown around with little thought about the person on the other end . Adults can have intelligent discussions without having to resort to name-calling. The Spectator is a much more pleasant read now that the comment section is limited . Our Cat site doesn’t require those limits because we tend to be typically polite Canadians .

Pat Lynch (the old guy )

And here I thought the new "laidback leadership style" would put us on easy street. 3DN is a stern mistress.

A quick count shows that 4 of the 7 writers at 3downnation put Hamilton at 3rd place in the East. Why single out Edwards? Toronto obviously is the favourite with Trestman setting up for Ray, and Ottawa is strong as long as Harris stays healthy. The fly in the ointment will be if Ray and Harris have extended injuries? Still, Trestman seems to own a whammy on the CFL East, and both Franklin and Bethel-Thompson look like they could game manage in the short term.

The difference could well be our extended schedule of Western opponents to open the season. But as someone pointed out earlier - the tough start may lead to a softer finish?

I'm not sure I agree with the OP's sentiment that all football writers should be obliged to rank the Tiger-Cats #1.

But I certainly agree with the sentiment in his user name: let's Bring Back Speedy B!

Aren't we pretty much picked to win the east every year and fail to do so?


So I'm fine with flying under the radar this year. Who cares where our players rank on the Top 50 anyways.

Everyone in the league got better and we got Manziel!

The argos are definitly heads and tails better than us; even if Ray doesnt finish the seaonn, they have a comptent back up. Ottawa, it depends on Harris' performance, if they can come in second.
We are third, or second at best, probably with a 8-10 or 9-9 record.(I'd love to see other fan predictions.)
I'm not that upset at anyone's prediction. - you can love a team and still predict with your head.
At third place, we will not make the playoffs.

Biggest slap in the face was against MTL. I think everyone forgot they went out and got Bomben. I mean, c'mon.