hey all, i got super bored and this has been a hobbie of mine since i was 12.. lol dont take it to seriously i dont think im a rapper or anything its all in good fun! tell me if you like it, i made a video to go along with it!

link below!
lyrics are in the description is your having trouble understanding my words.. i know some of you dont like rap music or know how it works, but just give it a look. thanks! oski-wee-wee!


The highlights are excellent, Tiger-Cat football at it's finest. :thup:

That was awesome!
They need to play this at home games :thup:

This was really solid. You got much talent! Love the editing and some of those shots.

thanks guys!

nice song

Haha Awesome!! Great job.

You should get some more done over the bye week. :thup:

Nice job. :thup:

man this is pretty crazy, you got some talent man, fantastic job :smiley: clapping hands

:) this is pretty neat im already close to 200 views thanks guys ! cheers

Not a big Rap fan....

But, I love this.

Great job Blitz!! :thup:

Others are right, you should send this to the team.

Wow! Well Done... :rockin:

I wish I could see it at work. I'll have to remember to watch it when I get home!

I keep watching this thing and just don't get tired of it!!
Your timing is pretty f'n good! Man, continues to impress me. Not sure how you produced this (and, you could very well be a producer yourself), but you might wanna lob this over to a producer.

I bet a lot of the players would totally love this thing. Could be jammin' in their buds as they suit up for the game!

Love it!

My kids were a little surprised when they heard me listening to it the first time - "Wut r u listening 2? Ur listening 2 rap?!?" Actually, I appreciate rap for what it is, a meeting of music and poetry. Not my favourite style (more into jazz and hard rock), but unlike many my age, I kind of like it. I didn't like it when it first came out due to the messages it contained at the time - anger, violence, etc.. But when the message is right and it's well written and performed, I can get into it. And this one, the message is definitely right, and man, you got talent.

You definitely have to send it to the team. They'll probably have to change some of the images you used in your video - copyright issues - but maybe they'll let you keep some input into that. Who knows, they might use it on Labour Day.

Keep it up.

I'm always impressed with the poetry -- when it's done right.

The image rotation and timing is automated through a program called 'One True Media', upload whatever media you want to use,(video, images) add a tune and click 'create'.

From their site,
Somebody's going to look like a creative genius in a few minutes (hint: it's you). It's just so simple to mix your video and photos with our fresh, stylish effects to create wow-worthy Video Montages.


Another one is Animoto, same idea, just upload a series of photos and a tune and it edits it wth a highly profesional look.
They're fun to make and a cool way to share a series of photos or vids with somebody.

That's cool! I was referring more to the lyrical/ poetic and rhythm timing, actually. So, looks like some skills that have been showcased with the wonders of video tech!

hey even thought the program alows u to edit it online, its still tricky to figure out, the timing of the video with the song took awhile lol.. i should see if Jr digs and Arland bruce wanna finish off the final verse lol u see the video of them rapping lol

I'm not a fan of rap for the most part, but that was pretty awesome. Great job! I know I couldn't have even put
it together with software lol.