Ticats Quiz Time

(1A)What Ticat QB Holds the Record For Most passing TD in 1 Game.
(1B)How many TD pass did he Throw.

(1C) What Year did he Do it .

(2A)What Ticat Player Is Tied with for the Most Field Goals in 1 Game
(2B) Name All the Players he Tied with

(3A) What Ticat Holds the Record for Most Picks in 1 season.
(3B) How many Did He Pick off and what year.

I will post the Answers Friday

1a, Joe zuger,
1b, 8
1c, 1962
2a, ozzie 8
2b, dave ridgway, mark McLoughlin
3a, al brenner
3b, 15 in 1972

and the beet goes on.............

Well is He Right :slight_smile:
Anyone Disagree..
I Will tell you Friday.

i told you that 8th grade diploma wasnt worthless,it was well worth the 12 years of hard work.

And his TigerCat fact book has paid for itself already.

Q : Where is Al Brenner ?

You really don't Need the fact Book with the Internet