Ticats Questions

1 . Do we think Jason Jimenez can fill the shoes of Dan Goodspeed .
2. Will Maurice Mann provide us with a 2knd go to guy after Bruce so that Bruce cannot be double teamed ?
3. Will Shivers be bale to fill the shoes of our leader in the secondary Thompson
4. Who will emerge is the big pass rusher on our d-line ( Hickman ? Mcintyre , Long, other ) ? My guess is Mcintyre if he starts at DE
5 Will Brian Calhoun emerge as our kick returner and good 2knd option back ?

(1) Jimenez has Rep for Being a Nasty Guy on Field and Great Blocker
I Think he an Upgrade over Goodspeed Who I Feel lose a Step last year.
If Watch the East Final A lot of The BC Sacks came From Goodspeed's Side.

(2) Maurice has Good Skills and Last year started out Quickly but Tailed off
If Given the Right Coaching and He has the Will he could be a Soild #2 Wideout
He'll be Push by McDaniel , James And Smith

(3) Shivers was great Pickup They Try to work him into Defence Half Back Spot
Competition at DB Will be Fierce this year . I have Great Feeling Obie has right People in Place.
So If Shivers plays as Expected I see 5 to 7 Picks in His Future.

(4) This Tough one since they all Played well when called on last season
But I like Long and think I'll give him my :thup:

(5) Brian was Great Collage back and Think He should great #2 Behind Cobb
As a Kick Returner I am not sure He the Answer .
But I am sure Well have a good one Obie worked his Tail off
so All we do is wait for Camp

Great Post ONKNIGHT :slight_smile:
I agree with most of what you said

  1. nope
  2. Mann is good but will not draw any double teams
  3. Shivers will fill in admirably, but it was Tisdale who got the toughest slot matchups each game last year, not Thompson
  4. Mckintyre will be a beast and hopefully Hickman will be a major force as well.

Hey Drexl,

Great post as well . I didn't say that Mann was going to draw double teams i just think they can't concentrate as much on BRUCE when there is a proven deep threat that can get open like Mann . So , essentially with Mcdaniel developing I think this will be good for Bruce too .

So what don't you like about Jimenez ? Yeah Mcintyre is a beast and i think if he had a full season at DE he could be an all star and be in the top 3 in the league in sacks

Dumb Question . Are you saying that move their half backs around to match up with good inside receivers. i thought each guy had his side and that the other team would decide who is going to lineup on which side ? In any event , Tisdale sure came from nowhere to be a productive half back

anything else on your mind about the cats roster ?

I think with Mann it will depend on what he does early in the season, if he shows he can consistantly burn his man deep then we will see less doubles on Bruce.

I dont have a problem with Jemenez, I just dont think he's as good a pass blocker as Goodspeed, but his intensity could be something the whole line feeds off of. It seemed like they were a bit too passive as a unit last year.

I dont know if they each had a side, but it seemed like later in the year they were giving him the tougher match ups, physically he has huge potential and wont make the mental mistakes he made last year like taking bad angles going for picks which lead to some big plays.

Drexl I have disagree Goodspeed was not a good pass blocker last year most of Sacks came from his side.

Jemenez is much better Pass blocker IMO But Think not good Run Blocker as Good Speed.

Since the CFL Is Passing League I'd rather the Pass Blocker

^^^^^ I thought most of the sacks from last year came from Porter hanging onto the ball too long.

Yes that did not help :stuck_out_tongue: But even When Glen was in they came from Goodspeed's side of line.

lol True, he wasnt our best pass blocker, but it wasnt like he was being blown by on every play not like the pilons I was use to seeing on our line.

Under new OLine Coach Steve Buratto I think We'll see a Nasty Bunch on the O-Line
Staring OLine Going into Camp:

OT 60 Jimenez, Jason OL Import 6.07 320
OG 67 Dyakowski, Peter OL Non-Import 6.05 315
OC 62 Hage, Marwan OL Non-Import 6.02 291
OG 52 Hudson, George OL Non-Import 6.04 310
OT 66 Gauthier, Alexandre OL Non-Import 6.06 326

I think of those Hudson is on the Bubble with 2nd Year Rottier, Making a Run to Start in Hudson Spot

Nice analysis onknight.Personally, I see it as LT - Alex Gauthier LG - Peter Dyakowski C - Marwan Hage RG - Matt Morencie RT - Jason Jiminez
Rottier or Hudson at RG would be cool too.

The Guard could Swapped east with Pete at LG and Who Ever Wins the RG Spot

Don't forget about Matt Spanos on the Offensive Line.
He could be our starting OT to replace Goodspeed.

Also we gave up a first round pick for Zac Carlson for a reason. Obie loves him, he has a chance to be a part of the O-Line Hoggies.