TiCats QB's, who will start the season?

Training Camp starts at the end of next week and the regular season starts in about 4 weeks.
We all know Collaros won't be ready to start the season, so who should or will start the season
It will obviously be between Masoli or Mathews.
Masoli certainly didn't hurt his chances with the outstanding performances at the end of last season!
Mathews is the rising young QB who is an Austin prodigy.

Here is a great piece on the QB situation


Jeremiah Masoli signed a two-year contract extension with the Tiger-Cats in the offseason. Masoli’s only playing time during the 2015 regular season came in the final game of the year against the Redblacks. However, Masoli was given the nod as the starter entering the playoffs, where he demonstrated impressive confidence in delivering passes and extending plays with his feet. In two playoff contests, Masoli tallied 490 passing yards to go along with a 70-per-cent completion percentage, adding one touchdown.

Jeff Mathews is entering his second season in the CFL. The 2015 campaign brought significant opportunity for Matthews to gain experience in the Canadian game. He was used mainly in short yardage situations early in the season, scoring six rushing touchdowns by season’s end. The Camarillo, California native was given the starting role following the injury to Zach Collaros in Week 13. He showed an ability to adapt to the Canadian game, posting a pass completion percentage of 66.7 in five starts. Mathews would also succumb to injury, suffering a concussion in Week 17 that ended his rookie campaign with the Ticats.

Jacory Harris saw reps in three games in 2015, including his only start in the final game of the regular season against the Redblacks. Last season brought Harris his first true taste of the CFL after being in the league for two seasons prior without seeing any snaps. Harris finished the season completing 13 of 23 passes for 160 passing yards.[/i][/b]

In addition to the four veteran quarterbacks, the Ticats signed former Kansas State Wildcat, Jake Waters. He comes to the Tiger-Cats with an impressive collegiate resume. Waters spent two seasons at Iowa Western Community College where he won a national championship and was named the 2012 NCJAA Offensive Player of the Year. He’d then go on to break numerous school passing records after joining Kansas State’s program, setting completion percentage (64.1%), pass efficiency (155.6), total offensive yards per game (260.2) and passing yards per attempt among quarterbacks with 500 or more attempts (9.09).

As part of the CFL’s QB internship program intended to develop Canadian university quarterbacks, Waterloo’s Lucas McConnell will be attending camp this year as well. The Warriors pivot will look to take as much experience away as possible during his time at the Tiger-Cats training camp before returning to Waterloo for his third season.

I hope its Masoli. He has sneaky running ability and a strong arm. Similar to Zach. If he can keep the arm under control and accurate he will have the job.

I'm hoping for Masoli as well. Mathews really looked as if he was ever so slightly hesitant and slowed him by a half step.

Also, based entirely on his performance the East Final, Masoli should get the nod

A year ago I wouldn't have agreed, but Masoli took the time to develop himself.

Also, the option package they use with Masoli is really exiting and interesting to watch. Probably the closest thing we'll have to a running game under HC Austin.

Mathews has learning to do about what throws he can and can't make (ie throwing the ball away to the wide side) but, if he wraps his head around that is accuracy is off the charts and his velocity is exceptional.

Either way, we are in a good position as a football team. If masoli starts and succeeds, we win. If mathews starts and succeeds, we win. If either stumbles... next man up, and forward we march, on to victory.

Its Jeremiah,s job to lose, doubt Mathews or Harris will unseed him but you never know :rockin:

Who ever starts at quarterback, the running game has got to be better! Zac is an amazingly accurate QB and the running game usually takes a back seat. For the first part of the season, we will need at least 100 yards per game because our #1 guy won't be there. Good Defence + the Teams + Solid Run Game + Some Passing = Early Season Success :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I'm hopeful of Matthews. Not impressed by Mazzola. At all.

thought Zach would be back by now.

whats the prognosis?

at 5'10", jeremiah better have a lot of flutie in him.

Masoli gets the majority of snaps but we also see a healthy dose of Mathews. In other words a two tiered system between both of them depending on the down and situation ala late 2013 circa Burris/LeFevour. I'm figuring we don't see Collaros back until at least game 6 or 7 of this season. If we can weather the storm until Zach comes back and hover around the .500 mark without him , we will be in good shape when he returns for the second half of the season and the stretch drive to the play-offs.

I would vote for Harris, he was pulled quick in his one start in my opinion but then again I am not Austin, who knows a lot more then me

The bigger question is who will finish the season. CFL quarterback = injuries

That's easy, ZC in the GC!

I thought Masoli looked really good in the second half of the East Final, that last minute TD pass to Tasker couldn’t have been thrown any better.

Based on what we saw down the stretch last season there is no question Masoli gives the team a better chance short term to win and based on the 2 year contract I say he is Austin's man.

why no poll?? need a poll!

I say Mathews but will likely split time with Masoli.

just please no Harris

The poll is added for Ryan! :rockin: