Ticats QB Signing - Chester Stewart

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sorry to say BYE BYE PORTER

too bad we cant say goodbye to smiling hank too sorry to say…


He will probably go to Edmonton or Calgary and then come back and kick our butts, and I will laugh my ass off.

The CFl trade deadline for this season is 3:59 p.m. this Wednesday, the 10th. Any chance there's a connection here?

first rule... dont trade when everyone knows your desperate

second rule... applies in Hamilton only.... who does BC have they want to give us

which equals ultimate ticat equation under OB..

:roll: - watch our cast off shine in new surroundings :cowboy:

Like Richie Williams, Casey Printers, Jason Maas, Kevin Eakin, Timmy Chang, Jason Boltus, Adam Tafralis…

Expanded practice roster time. Nothing big here folks. Move along. Too soon to read ANYTHING specific into this.

sorry Captain Kirk…

your Star Ship missed this one

try one word


Oh and ps… case you havent noticed it the revolving door at QB you allude to sure looks it has the imprint of an OB.

No, Only deal I can see is Porter for Mcknight with Edmonton.

So who is your replacement that will lead us to the promised land? Remember, it has to be somebody who can put up about 40 points a game in order to secure wins with the current Ti-cat defence. I anxiously await your scouting report.

I didn’t know Burris was the one letting players consistently learn OPOW awards against us or allowing 30+ points on a regular basis.How dare he set a club TD record and lead the #1 offense in the league :roll:

Yeah and his league leading 104.9% QB efficiency rating is not enough and it means that he sucks. Let’s put Porter in. 8)

He had career 52.7 completion percentage (65 per cent his senior season), 13 TDs, 17 INTs. He has 1.5 yard per carry rushing average on 186 carries, including 65 his senior season.

He came into the game in the fourth quarter, had one pass attempt, which resulted in an interception. Stewart totaled negative four yards on two rushing attempts.

Looks like a keeper :roll:


Are we actually going to develop this guy or pay for a year or two trade for another retread QB and let him go?
We have a terrible track record for developing QB's

If he can play DT, MLB, and corner then he is a keeper.

Now now… Lets not compare apples and oranges –
or in this case tigers and pussy cats

lets just compare good and bad henry

in the games the team has won – and much of that credit goes to Henry — after all in the wins, his numbers are through the roof of ivor Wynne!!! (---- but in the recent games against montreal that his predecessor played…so were Kevin Glenn’s)

But in the seven games he has lost — his passing percentage is 54% and his efficiency rating is 75.1-- the lowest of all starting quarterbacks… Those numbers are workmanlike not glowing and surely you cant believe they were all the consequence of dropped passes and poor pass routes???

Much as I think Henry is a remarkable human being and a true gentleman (I really do) I also feel that sometimes you bench personnel even if its for a few series… to send a message …and let them regroup…

I save blind faith for Maple Leafs fans LOL :cowboy:

And a average at about 655 yrds passing per year, oh ya he is a keeper.:roll:

We should really block Calvillo’s name from being mentioned in any threads that don’t have to do with MTL. Things happen yes Calvillo became a star, but you cant compare him to every horrible backup qb we bring into town. If you break up with a chck that is ugly and poor but find out a few years later that she now looks like a model and is rich are you going to keep the next ugly girl and just keep waiting for her to get that model body and become a millionaire… :stuck_out_tongue: