Ticats QB depth hit hard by injury

CRAP!!! :frowning:

Ticats quarterback depth hit hard by injury
Posted on June 11, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 19 Comments

[i]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback depth has taken a hit in the wake of the pre-season lost to the Ottawa Redblacks last week.

Ticats head coach Kent Austin said Sunday that the lower body injuries suffered by both Everett Golson and Matt Johnson were “more serious than we thought.? Johnson is now expected to miss the entire year while Austin said it was unlikely that Golson would be ready in time for the regular season opener on June 25.

While Zach Collaros and Jeremiah Masoli are locked into the top two spots on the depth chart – both practiced Sunday – Golson was expected to fill the No. 3 role and contribute in short-yardage situations. The only other quarterback on the roster at the moment is first-year man Cody Keith, who went five-for-nine for 55 yards against Ottawa.

Austin said the team is likely to bring another quarterback to training camp in the next few days.[/i]

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/06/11/ticats-quarterback-depth-hit-hard-injury/]http://3downnation.com/2017/06/11/ticat ... rd-injury/[/url]

Rakeem ? I'd love for the guy to get another shot.

I could get behind that. I might be wrong but I think Masoli will be a free agent next year, so it is imperative we find a competent number three just in case he gets a starting job elsewhere...for some reason I can see the Riders being a suitor for Masoli if things go sideways with their odd QB plan this year.

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Bad luck when a rookie QB trying to make the team is lost for the whole season in a pre-season game.

A late hit when the play was over....to bad. :roll:

Jeez, what the heck is it with us an QB injuries? Just hope this is the end of them moving forward into the season.

So Johnson is cut because of injury , how does it work if a signed player is hurt like this cut by the team and you go back to the USA with say a ACL are the team in the hook for any injury rehab ? Is there insurance for players before you make the team?

8) The Cats are not on the hook for any of his salary since he is a rookie.
   They are however on the hook for all his medical expenses in relation to his specific injury !!

Too immature.

If I'm not mistaken, the Ticats arent exactly on the hook for his medical expenses, rather, he is covered by insurance.

"Austin said Sunday that he suspected Johnson’s injury might be season-ending and the team released the 24-year-old on Monday. The Ticats will be on the hook for his medical expenses but because of his rookie status, don’t have to pay his salary."

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/06/12/ticats-sign-former-argo-logan-kilgore-shore-qb-depth/]http://3downnation.com/2017/06/12/ticat ... -qb-depth/[/url]

Medical expenses could be just medical insurance though. I would imagine the team has insurance for all of the guys, just makes sense.

Sure hope we can fined a way to keep Zach healthy who seems to be vulnerable to injury. I think the only thing that works is good line protection, fast evolving plays, and getting the ball off Quickly. Watching Calgary, they seem to have this system down very well. You just know the other teams will be gunning for Zach. One good hit and the season is just about over :cowboy:

So far he's been hurt every year thank God for masolli better win loss record anyway

Daly's back!
Copied from cfl.ca/transactions:
June 13
HAM DEL INT Edward WILLIAMS (WR) Fort Hays State

Sorry ottawacat, I didn't see this post and started a new thread on it. Apologies. 8)

Awesome to have him back, IMHO, he is a foundational player on this team! :rockin:
Hopefully, E. Davis is soon to follow