Ticats QB Depth Chart

  1. Printers- big money guy, susperstar that will sell tickets and add some juice to the offense. He is great shape due to him being at training camp and OTAs.

  2. Nealon Greene- He is an experienced backup and knows his role, wont cause beef, can move the offense.

  3. Richie Williams- Still has the ability to move up to a bakcup role, has upside, great athleticism.

Waive Jason Maas, Try to find a trade partner for Timmy Chang, if you cant find one, try and place him on the practice roster and allow him to recover after a horrible start and get him in the film room more often.

I say:

  1. Printers
  2. Williams
  3. Chang
2. Nealon Greene- He is an experienced backup and knows his role, wont cause beef, can move the offense.
Looks like someone is boozin' early today.

Good thing you have no say in what we do!

Are you serious?

Guy must be out of shape, hasn't played anywhere this year that I know of. Experienced yes, but that kind of experience you can do without. All he did in Montreal last year was throw interceptions; sure he can move an offense....BACKWARDS.

For the remainder of this season I would say:

This weekend and maybe next week:

2a) Chang
2b) Maas
3) Printers

For the remainder of the season:

  1. Printers
  2. Maas
  3. Chang
  4. Williams (Developmental Roster)

If the Ticats could manage to bring Maas back next year at a greatly reduced salary, I wouldn't be opposed to it.

And it would give Chang more time to learn, which he seems to need at this point.

  • paul
  1. Printers
  2. Winner of Williams vs. Chang audition, beginning in T.O.
  3. Loser of said audition.

That's my guess. I suspect Chang will start again Saturday, but I would like Williams to get in for more reps if Chang has trouble until the end of the first half or so.

Charlie will have to take a close look at how the game progresses and go from there.

Oski Wee Wee,

i know i was gonna get ripped for suggesting nealon greene, but what i meant was the team needed a veteran with similar experience, but who could come in at a low cost, sorta like a minimum salary, not a high salary like maas, hopefully this clarifies things.

I would say

1 Printers
2 Mass
3 Williams

Trade Chang or just cut him

The really good thing about this signing, assuming it is confirmed later today?

Hopefully this will put an end to all those annoying Kevin Eakin threads.

why do you guys wanna keep maas and his high salary you cnat have tow QBs making a combined 1 mill with a 4 mill cap, thats too much.

For this year if you are paying Printers and Maas, they are the no brainer 1-2.

If you can trade Maas to Edmonton to be their back-up lets get-er-done.
They would have his salary pro-rated for the balance of the year and they can tear up his contract for next year.
His heart seems to be in Edmonton...and his wife!!!

For all of us ACO's*, could someone shed some light on whatever an OTA is? Thanx in advance.

*Acronym-Challenged Oldsters


Maas let go, traded or cut. We have no use for him now.

Again you ask the same question. MAAS's contract is guaranteed after sept 1st. If you didnt know today is the 6th.

If this came down earlier in the week, I would have said trade Maas to the Als, let Chang/Williams start and bring Printers in with a limited playbook. But less than 2 days (not sure how much time he would get with our recievers) I say for this weekend start Maas. With Printers in town, there is only 2nd and 3rd to battle. If this isn't enough motivation for Maas to step-up then trade or fire him. If he does then he can be a viable back-up to Printers. I would then choose to put Williams at 3rd and Chang on the PR.
If Maas blows it then it will be Printers, Chang, Williams.
If we go keep Maas, hopefully it will re-kindle some of that back-up magic he had behind Ray.

ok, i didnt know about guaranteed contracts, i thought in the cfl you could cut anybody anytime and not have to pay them. But what confuses me, is when taafe declared chang the starter last week, then why didn't they just release maas outright so they wouldnt have to pay his salary??????, the only way they should keep maas is if he agree to re-structure his contract and become the backup.

OTAs = Organized Team Activities, these are mini=camps held in the off season in which teams cant practice over a 3-day period new plays for the season and they go through light practices and drills, but they aren't allowed physical contact.

I would try to keep Maas, hopefully with a reduced salary. If Printers gets banged up Maas is the best back up in the league. Teams ahead of us in the standings go over the cap don't they :wink: