Ticats' QB Dane Evans leaves game w/hip injury

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are down to their last quarterback, after Dane Evans left Friday night’s game against the Toronto Argonauts with a hip injury.

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I hope that both Evans and Masoli can come back soon - this could be a season changing injury if Evans is seriously injured. Here's hoping!

This is why, as an Alouettes fan, I worry about Vernon Adams. He gets hit and goes down for any significant length of time, and the Alouettes' season is over. Not sure what the Als are thinking, pinning our hopes on Matt Schiltz. At least the Cats can hope Masoli or Evans can be back before long.

Tom Hanks called and told Evans that "There's no crying in Football!"

I hope that Dane Evans injury sustained in Week 6 versus the Argos, is nothing serious. Dane is one of the many young guns the CFL needs to help generate fans at the all important "Live Gate" :grimacing:

Is the Dane experiment over?

Careful. Zach hasn’t made it through the season yet

I'm just asking the same questions Cats fans do

I got the sarcasm/ humour as you used the same wording that was mentioned re Masoli in one of the posts. But in all fairness that is one (1) fan really pushing the Masoli vs Evans debate. And really after Evans is freshly injured- just a bit soon man. I don’t think any team in this league is going far if you’re relying on a 3rd string guy. Just saying, watch your Karma.

And a neutral site

You mean this kind of karma

Bombers @ Riders
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Wait until Collaros gets popped once or twice next week. Could be a 4 team party line conference call - we’ll throw in neg list rights to Timmy Chang

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Perish the thought. I hope Collaros is wearing that protective bubble wrap we sent him. His noggin is very concusable. :grimacing:

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I donated all my packing popcorn collection and a hockey facemask

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Good for you WeGotTheCup. I'll sleep better knowing that our 'fragile one' is packing popcorn packing. Plus he's gonna look like Jason wearing that hockey facemask under his helmet. GO BOMBERS!!! :partying_face:

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You got me, detective

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