1. Is any one else concerned that our very weak secondary looks even weaker this year ..i keep waiting for OBIE to sign a CFL veteran corner . We will have to pray Shivers can bounce back and that Deniis can become the leader and that HINDS is th ereal deal and hope that a rookie or two develop into the real deal like Carlos Thomas or Francis .

  2. Our Dline seems quite weakend with Mcintyre moving to the NFL and with Reid not signing back .....I am good with a full year of Baggs and of course Hickman is solid but Bolden doesn’t do much for me and Steele and Kirk are ok at best .
    Seems this could be a weak area .

  3. i think out linebacking situation is still in good hands and Rey Williams for Floyd is ok and Dennison looks like a good one

  4. Our receivers ...hmm ? Let's hope Carter is ready to step in as the main non import receiver ...I like this Mckay guy so maybe we can be get lucky with him ...i expect mann to show more and same with thigpen ...KELLY looks like he has alot of potential and size ..
    I think this area could be improved from last year.

  5. Running Game ..Well coburne well make everyone around him look better ..We needed this guy .. he can block , and he catches the ball well out of the backfield ..he gets those tough yards when we are in the red zone too which we lacked ..
    i am excited .....Glenn will be more confident and have more options.we won't have to give up on the running games so early in the game anymore .....
    He will keep the pass rush honest too .....
    Having Jiminez all year and maybe tow import bookends can only help the overall offence ....

6 QB'S ---let's pray Glenn doesn't get injured as we have nothing behind him

Our biggest issue going into this year is our DB's , Followed by DT's, then non import receivers ...

1 Agreed I am worried two but I hoping the Blitzing will cover up any weakness.

2 The DLine is not as Strong but dont see it as weak spot eather. 3 Agreed 4 WR Are soild this year 5 He look good at Camp But with Age I worry can he be an every Snap Back and not be hurt The backs will have play Well at RB for us to win Cause 22 cant be on field every snap and Stay Healthy
6 Agree if Glen get hurt it will be a long year Boltus will be a Good number 2 QB with time.
This could be Porters last year if he don`t show something Major